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RSS Niffer

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Niffer(58) Clarified
1 point

When you accept Jesus he already knows what you are going to do. And once you accept him there is nothing you can do that He won't forgive and that will break your relationship with Him. But if you truly have Christ you will feel the guilt when you sin and you will ask for His forgiveness. All you have to do is have Jesus in your heart to make it to heaven. Nothing less or more, just accept His gift of forgiveness.

Niffer(58) Clarified
1 point

I agree but when you accept Jesus he forgives you for everything you are going to do. He knows your future and He forgives you for it. He knows your past and He forgives you for that too. So all he wants is your heart. Doing good things is not going to get you to heaven. All you have to do is A, B, C

A. Admit to Jesus that you are a sinner

B. Believe in your heart that Jesus is the son of God and He came down to save all of us.

C. Confess your faith in Jesus and live you life for Him forever more.

Jesus says if you confess Me before man than I will confess you before the Father(God).

1 point

So doesn't mean anyone was drunk. And if you don't believe then, why do you know so much? And you can drink as much wine as you want just don't get drunk and make it the center of your life. When you have a problem just don't to turn to drinking wine. Some people drink and do drugs when their lives are getting overwhelming but Jesus says that's not going to help. Instead you give Jesus all of your burdens and he'll carry them for you. The things in this world will not be to your satisfaction for long. You should always turn to him.

Niffer(58) Clarified
2 points

Both sides is wrong and this debate is sooo stupid. I am a 15 years old Christian and I don't agree with atheist but I have to say this low. This beyond low and sooo not worth debating about. I mean don't you people have anything better to do with your time?

Niffer(58) Clarified
0 points

You could not be more wrong. I never said all atheist get drunk. And you are right Christianity is not a religion, it's a way of living. My concupiscence for Jesus is strong. I strongly long for him and his love and mercy and grace. You failed to address the fact that no has ever proved that God is not real and no one has ever proved that atheist is right. So if you can't prove anything about it then you have no right to speak.

1 point

The reason God made water into wine is because back then,the thing that people drink was wine. And Jesus never said drinking was wrong. He said that getting drunk is wrong.

1 point

You are so blind, the scandal of grace. So to you the idea of Jesus is way too good to be true. The fact that the God of "gods" would come down to save us as a human is all too good to be true. I was adopted from Haiti when I was nine and now I am 15. I spent 9 years not knowing who Jesus is, I was taught to worship the devil. See Haiti is labeled one of the most dangerous countries. I starved and should've died. But I survived and I never knew why until I came here to American and I found out why. The unthinkable story of Jesus, the story that no human mind could ever make up. And you know it, just a much as I do.

1 point

Okay then I will make you believe. If you were going to tell a story about a Jesus coming down to save the world how you tell it? Would you have thought of a baby born of a virgin lying in a manger. Or would it be like a lion?

1 point

You don't have Jesus if you get drunk at parties all the time. And Christianity is not a religion.

1 point

That's really sad that you would say that heaven is not real because I know it is and I have proof. I can't make you believe in him but I can teach you the truth.

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"I love Jesus. I love football (Seahawks). I hate soccer. I always turn out to be something else."

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