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RSS Nomoturtle

Reward Points:857
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1 point

Ha, that'll show 'em

1 point

Someone will. The tools are now there, and nobody seems to have the moral sense to resist playing with them.

Nomoturtle(857) Clarified
1 point

That's easy, you are whichever level of sarcasm the offense archaeologist deems makes you the most racist and offensive, so that you may be most easily disposed of.

1 point

I agree actually. I think the only merit to the concept of pursuing equity is to prevent the disenfranchised and the lazy using it as an excuse to take from the wealthy.

But it's a screwed up world where the solution to theft is fattening the thieves. Especially when the thieves are activists co-ordinating their movement with their iphones and marching around in designer clothing.

1 point

Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color.

Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic.

The cultural Marxist race alphabets, united against the huwhite oppressors that are terrorizing the oppressed with freedom, capitalism, planning for the future, and showing up for work on time.

0 points

Oh, that's fine then, don't worry, the race alphabet is coming to a country near you soon. Cultural Marxist prototype products include BIPOC and BAME.

1 point

What is this 'me'. Did you mean those white people? No. The alphabet society is an inclusive space, white people aren't allowed.

2 points

The grift is eternal. The alphabet is just the start.

Just kidding, the current letters' meanings will go down the memory hole and be reused for other identity groups.

1 point

I didn't care before, but the surprising number of superphobes have shown that it's absolutely necessary.


Nomoturtle(857) Clarified
1 point

Must be one of the high priests.

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