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RSS NumberOne

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The first time I drank I was 16 and I had about 10 beers and four shots of Putin's finest vodka plus I was smoking ganja the whole time. That might be the only reason I didn't die.

I was the same age, man. Got hammered on Thunderbird (fortified wine) on my 16th birthday, and then got arrested in the afternoon for breach of the peace. Lol. I was shouting in the town centre and generally acting like an idiot. Fully deserved it.

Tried pot for the first time at 16 too.

-1 points

Alcohol gives you brain damage but marijuana can actually neuroprotect you from alcohol.

There might be something to that claim because every time I smoke before I go out I can drink like a fish without ever really getting drunk.

If you do it the other way around though (i.e. drink and then smoke), it absolutely smashes you.

0 points

Alcohol gives me a pretty intense high, but what goes up must come down, and that's the problem with the sauce. When the effects start to wear off I feel rotten. Not necessarily hangover rotten. It's usually more a feeling of depression.

Marijuana is and always has been my drug. It's more of an intellectual high (if that even makes any sense, which I'm not entirely sure it does) and the dip is barely noticeable outside of some lethargy and sleepiness.

1 point

The fact that scripture prophesies of this is evidence enough that it is worth addressing seriously.

You need to understand something really really badly. If I write a story about a guy who rose from the dead, not only is this not "evidence enough" to address seriously, but it is not evidence, period.

1 point

I have wondered about this myself. If Jesus died for our sins then any other form of penance means we have to pay twice.

1 point

Your premise is half true. It is not advantageous in the present system for rich people to spend their money. However, assuming these rich people you describe are business owners, then it is advantageous for them to acquire better technology for the simple reason that better technology enables them to cut costs. But researching better technology is only one method of cutting costs. More practical and immediate methods include firing people, dropping wages, closing branches and reducing the quality of product or service on offer.

1 point

Only fat people have reason to consider buying something with "Diet" in the title, so I think this explains the anomaly.

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