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RSS Pedestrian

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1 point

I much admired Prof. of sociology Mortimer Adler. However, his one shortcoming after being a non- believer until his 50s, he got baptized.

It didn't change my mind and could understand how he decided on that leap of faith but not actually being baptized because we both knew...wouldn't make a difference..

1 point

Well in America is not interested. America just wants to know, how do we make some fucking money here ? The rest is conversation.

1 point

As bad as anything is that to the truly ignorant while convinced of their own brilliance, will interpret other's real knowledge on a given subject, as bias in itself.

I think this may be the essence of anti-intellectualism.

1 point

Amazing all of the unmitigsated bullshit I read here.

The real problem as reflected for only one employer's crimes in 3 trump properties only now, firing [his] illegals, is that [they] are a profit center. Once here, they love the money and hate the capitalist which extends to of course...hating also the repubs as they too support their exploitation.

So yes, soon as allowed, immigrants vote dem and for very good reasons.

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