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RSS Quantumhead

Reward Points:745
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10 most recent arguments.

Stop talking to yourself on the site Quantumhead.

Exactly how does replying to someone else's thread constitute, "talking to yourself"? Are we in your black is white, up is down mirror universe again, bronto?

It makes you look insane.

Accusing me of something I verifiably have not done is a sign of sanity, is it? Righteo.

Quantumhead(745) Clarified
0 points

Can you give me an example of someone you have persuaded on this site?

I've been persuaded a couple of times (though not by him). Then again I'm not a raging apocalyptic lunatic like FromWithin.

0 points

Ah...... Skip the Ritalin this morning, did we?

You should probably breathe into a paper bag.

I couldn't give a flying rat's ass if you like it or not.

When adults debate bronto, they do not purposefully lie about what what the other person has said because that contradicts the purpose of debate. Telling lies and misrepresenting your opponent is not debate. It is far right politics.

Now go back to the godless, no objective morality

Morality has nothing to do with religion, liar. Stop writing replies to me because you are a lying retard with a big mouth and no brains.

You have at minimum, 8 puppet accounts and go on cursing fits

You have dozens of alt accounts, you know it, and everybody on Create Debate knows it. Hence, you continue to provide insurmountable evidence that you are a hypocrite and a liar.

If you are bigoted against Christians Quantum, then yes, that is bigotry.

You are literally repeating the same argument I debunked three posts ago. I am not bigoted against Christians simply because I counter your anti-Islamic propaganda by pointing out it all applies to Christianity too. That is called illustrating that you are a hypocrite.

Oh good.

It isn't good. You've just written three replies back to me which all pretend I have argued something I haven't. That isn't debate bronto. That is you, a mentally ill zealot, trying to deceive people on the internet.

You literally think trashing Islam is bigotry

If you are bigoted against Muslims bronto, then yes, that is bigotry.

Why am I even wasting my time? You are very possibly the most stupid, dishonest and hateful person currently posting on the internet. Only a complete fool would take anything you say seriously.

I'm done.

"Religion is crazy, let's bring in a bunch of Muslims" is as bad of an argument as has ever been manifested by any human mind.

I am absolutely sick and tired of you deliberately misrepresenting what other people say. I have never at any point tonight argued that you should "bring in a bunch of Muslims". You are a mentally ill, pathological liar bronto. The only thing you know how to do is lie. Lie, lie and then lie some more.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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