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RSS SexyJesus

Reward Points:384
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1 point

Don't insult the jews by comparing them to those gingerbread bastards.

1 point

Yes. They should be first baked in ovens, then subjected to public ridicule by means of being forced to wear ridiculous frosting decorations, then housed in structures of gingerbread man flesh, surrounded and haunted by the silent screams and tormented souls of the gingerbread men that might have been, but were spared life, before finally being eaten alive by children. One can only hope there is a gingerbread man hell waiting for them on the other side.

1 point

Probably not, although it would be really, really funny if they did.

But, fears are blown way out of proportion. NK's M.O. is to throw temper tantrums until we sit at a table with them and send them money, food, fuel, whatever other resources. It's been working for decades. They don't have the balls to actually start some real violence, and probably never will.

1 point

I congratulate you, that's a difficult thing to accomplish in this modern age.

1 point

I must go father. Sure, one particular phone may be a status symbol, but I am of the opinion that if you own a smart phone at all you are allowing it to think for you.

Still clinging to a flip phone. Wouldn't even own that if it wasn't a professional requirement to be in contact at all times.

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