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RSS Starchild123

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My mother demands the toilet paper be under. Anything else and a fuse is broken.

First, for a community that wants acceptance and to be seen as anyone else, stop with the incessant labeling; and if you feel you need a label, BTQ should be sufficient.

I assumed labeling was natural. I thought everything was practically labeled. Otherwise nothing has a name or title.

Are there more studies on this? Or perhaps are there public tests with split brain patients that can be shown?

Wait what kind of news was this lol. If this a comedy sketch channel? That was pretty funny.

Interesting observation. I guess these are legitimate differences. Never thought of this before.

Starchild123(832) Clarified
1 point

In the end, it is still a form of love. If humans are suppose to love God, what is wrong with that form of love?

A form of love? Not all sex can be declared in the name of love. Yes, humans are supposed to love God. This love shouldn't involve sexual relations. That defiles the image of God.

Starchild123(832) Clarified
1 point

Are you saying that sex between two consenting adults is the ultimate love?

What is wrong with sexual relations?

That would be a case by case problem.

The Bible allows for sexual relations between man and woman. Man was created in the image of God, wouldn't sexual relations be a good way for a woman to become intimate with God?

Of course the bible allows intercourse between man and woman. That is the order God has set. Just because man was created in God's image doesn't mean that it's okay to have sexual relations with God.

These aren't examples of being enslaved to time, but rather enslaved to order. You have to be at work at a particular time due to the order of which the company conducts it's business. Food doesn't "need" to cook for any set amount of time, however there are optimal ranges of time to cook food to make it suitable for survival. This isn't enslavement to time, but to order.

I don't think the person who made the clock knew about that. What does daylight savings have to do with the person knowing what time it was when they created the clock?

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Name: Madison 
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Marital Status: Single
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Country: Canada
Religion: Christian-other

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