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RSS Tamisan

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4 points

Only if you want to make the situation worse. Those on welfare may have doctors appointments to go to and kids to take to school and church to attend and maybe even a job interview so they can get the hell off welfare.

I once knew a woman on welfare who was divorced with three kids, lived in a two-bedroom shack in the desert, and earned minimum wage at catch-as-can temp jobs. She now earns over 100k a year and is involved in community and charity projects.

The woman? My mother.

2 points

Well, it’s still unclear whether chicken eggs or chickens came first (the intended question in the original riddle), said Darla Zelenitsky, a paleontologist of the University of Calgary in Alberta who was the first scientist to closely analyze the dinosaur nest.

But interpreted literally, the answer to the riddle is clear. Dinosaurs were forming bird-like nests and laying bird-like eggs long before birds (including chickens) evolved from dinosaurs.

"The egg came before the chicken," Zelenitsky said. "Chickens evolved well after the meat-eating dinosaurs that laid these eggs."

So the original riddle might now be rephrased: Which came first, the dinosaur or the egg? Meanwhile, the new nest provides some of the strongest evidence in North America in favor of the bird-like egg over the chicken.

Supporting Evidence: Which Came First? Eggs Before Chickens, Scientists Now Say (
1 point

Simple solution... see a head shrink.

Problem solved.

2 points

Yup. And my grandmother wouldn't blink. She'd just be jealous I got so many points.

My whole family hates playing Scrabble with me. I can spell words most folks can't even pronounce. Betcha I could win against Dr. House, even! :P

2 points

So you think this is good if the weak-minded folks (like those who can't spell "manual labor" right) die off? Unfortunately illnesses are indifferent to spelling, intelligence, social value, and pretty much any other standard you might set.

If all that is left is wealthy air conditioned over-achievers, who will provide them with those homes, cars, air conditioners, and all the other creature comforts?

Plus you'll always have a problem determining those below average. Who decides what is 'average'? For every below-average person that dies, the average changes. For every advancement (in medicine, technology, psychology, education, etc) 'average' changes.

There is no winning the genocide debate. Anyone who feels that their place is to remove lesser beings should start with themselves.

1 point

Despite such potential benefits, the consensus is that the results will be catastrophic.

Scientists Predict Global Warming Will Lead to Spread of Disease

Effects of Global Warming to Worsen in Next 10 to 20 Years

Polar bear plan must fight global warming

'Global warming worsens smog'

Global Warming Heats Up Urgency Of Salmon Recovery Efforts

Global warming could cause humanitarian crises

Global warming spells bad news for tropical insects

More Kidney Stone Disease Projected Due To Global Warming

New study shows American West already suffering droughts from global warming

Man-Made Warming Altering Nature's Clock

`Deadly Dozen' Diseases Spread by Warmer Weather

One in Four Mammals in Danger of Extinction

And worst of all...

Haggis at risk from global warming

Ever seen a drunken Scotsman denied his Haggis? NOT a pretty sight.

1 point

Usually. Sometimes I'm just too busy or distracted to pay close attention. But they obviously put the description there for a reason. :)

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"Eclecticism is an art form."

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Name: Tamisan 
Gender: Dame
Age: 49
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 75028
Religion: Jewish
Education: Masters
Websites: Tamisan's Newsblog
Via IM: imTamisanDV

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