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RSS Warjin

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2 points

The proof is in the mathematics for alien life, as for God that is faith, as for our existence that is not proof of a biblical God, only proof of a creation of some sort (guess we can call it God, but not a man man book version).

Alien life is nearly mathematically impossible for their not to be in our universe and forget about it if the multi-verse theory holds to be true then it is 100% true that there are aliens.

Is there a God? if you call the creator of existence or point of existence God then Yes 100% there is a God, but not in any way a book or any man could explain.

1 point

Then Why are conservatives dying off? I guess evolution is working its course, survival of the fittest at it's best.

1 point

And the only reason people DID NOT vote for Obama was because he was BLACK, see the door swings both ways, Oh and P.S Angelina Jolie is a flaming Liberal

1 point

Yup, I want a Chic, reason to piss off the conservatives, what I really wish for is a Atheist Mexican American Lesbian for president with a black skinned Muslim women for a wife but Hillary will have to do at least for now, after all the average age of the Fox News conservative is something like 73 years of age so I'll just have to wait for those bigots to die off so maybe by 2030 I might get my wish : )

1 point

Joe do you need to talk Bro? I mean I am concerned with your Google searches? are you trying to kill yourself man? I mean Like it can't be that bad bro Obama is almost out of office, I can expect this form Hellno (Hes just mad that be wasn't the first Black President, Don't tell him I said that thought that's between me and you) but not you man, come on man hang in there bro, talk to me?

We love you Man! CD will not be the same with out you man!

1 point

lol Figures, you know what message me when Hill wins, and she will I'll pay half just to see that happen : ) .

1 point

Within 60 years humans created virtual reality, systems like the oculus rift, imagine a million years from now we will have the capability to create objects out of thin air by manipulating matter itself the funny thing is the universe being a program is really not that far fetched it is definitely something to think about, great read by the way thank you.

1 point

If and when it comes down to the survival of the human race all morals and rules are out the window.

But other then the slave labor lol everything sounds good to me : )

1 point

This is some deep shit, I got alot to think about now, or shell I say you, me, us, ahhh fuck lol

1 point

Yeah a drive way of those solar roads should power a home, I would love to see if a driveway of 35 feet x 40 feet would power my home as thats about the size of my driveway, I was also looking into solar roof shingles, I would like to be off the grid within ten years.

Tied Positions: No, because... vs. I agree, this needs to happen.

About Me

"Truth seeker that questions everything."

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Name: Tony 
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Websites: Culture in Decline

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