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But who would set foot on it? And as soon as we set foot on it, it may be habitable 50 years after the footprint! Habitable aside, I think who should set foot on Mars is Morgan Freeman. If he dies, Peter Capaldi. If he dies, screw it. Just choose a famous person in 2043.

Same thing that happen to me! I punched 3 people in the face and they are friends. I made them best friends by chasing them 3 miles with a rusty snow shovel! And yet my age is 10...

I choose choice. Heads, tails, or choice? Difficult tails to choose... Impossible coins aside, I can't find any nice things about both places since they have a good amount of criminal activity while America is a rebellion to ourselves; the government.

WeeklyManner(132) Clarified
1 point

Hmmm... hard choice. One place is not trusted, another aimed for terrorists, and another one that will probably too protected. TOO PROTECTED.

The media is not racist, it's just that the place is not that famous and won't be seen often bad happening to them. Africa is not being talked about except for... those people "asking for donations to Africa"... and how the droughts is the only thing they usually talk about on Africa. I'll try and see what the Middle East has in the edit to see if they have anything shocking...

Edit: The Middle East looks like they suffer a good amount of criminal activity and police aren't that well to stop it... at all.

WeeklyManner(132) Clarified
1 point

...ok what the hell are you saying again? Meat doesn't have to do with sti- this still isn't a word!- stitious.

Edit: I see what you mean. Yet that sounds like a fact more of a thing not to believe in.

While the feminists may be unhappy, there is only few evidence that anything negative happens to feminists and protesters of that. Like "eating food under stress" and unhappy when protests may be evidence, it surely isn't enough evidence they are bad.

To deal with them, try not to have anything about religion. If possible, remove lights on the top of your house. They might say that the light above you is representing God. While being Catholic, I don't like the religious people who want you to become part of their religion. Take a atheist and a priest and the priest would try and secretly beg the atheist to become part of his religion.

If this is too long, (which it shouldn't) I will just say this; Do not allow solicitors.

I am being forced to be- wait is stitious even supposed to be used like this? Anyways, I am being forced to be superstitious and to believe everything, but I won't fall for it, like I keep saying "is there tons of evidence it does _?" I don't believe in things that are too hyped about and really wanted to have attention. Take Santa as an example; if he did exist, he would have high chances of being killed or captured if he was "friendly enough." Krampus, in general, is not able to exist. I will never believe him because Santa wouldn't allow this devil to attack bad children. It's like saying one person could have life while the other couldn't exist. So I am not- I'm pretty sure this is not how you use the word- superstitious. You can't force me to believe in TONS of stuff.

I REALLY REALLY hate to say this, but they are getting less happy and it's true. Men aren't preventing anything on women, yet women are trying to get more rights while men are just watching. Man, I really don't like saying any of this as a kid, but I have to speak the truth.

Edit: I am on both sides, so I'm confused on what should I be on. I'll just disprove and support some people.

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