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RSS YouLoveKelly

Reward Points:167
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We get lot of American tourist en France. They love to come to Paris et Lyon. I will visite l'États Unis soon.

I try google. I use the google translate now. Je parle anglais très mal. I wmwrite english okay. Not good. Française est très facile.

YouLoveKelly(167) Clarified
1 point

This is cartoon. Not real cat and dog combine. Is real one made yet or still working on it?

Je voudrais construire un chien et un chat combiné. C'est très amusant.

You correct! I feel bad because I no believe in you. I vote for her too but I take back vote because she no exist. I vote for you too!!!!! Give me minute.

Oh. Well no. I do not get moody.

D'accord. American yes? In France we never use the word. When I look it up in my Francais to Anglais handbook it said stolen property or treasure.

No, I do not get moody about stolen property or treasure.

Tittie sprinkles.

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About Me

"Quite a charmer"

Biographical Information
Name: Kelly Dumortier
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: France
Education: In College

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