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RSS Agnotology

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If we were going to pass a law that said you cannot import goods that were created by laborers in "insert arbitrary labor concern boundary" then we would actually be combatting bad working conditions.

I'm posting in support of the iWatch because trying to act like not buying one item, or from one company, or making company watch lists we don't patronize, has anything to do with not condoning slavery as a nation, is like pitting citizens against the government. Slavery isn't fought by fining companies or not patronizing them, and iWatches aren't the main problem and saying they are is sensationalizing one story to avoid addressing solutions for the main problem.

agnotology(3) Clarified
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You're confusing the difference between liking or caring about someone, and maintaining a clear, direct debate structure. They aren't different sides of the same coin because the former keeps the latter from happening, and the latter clarifies the former.

You can feel any way you want towards someone, but if you let that into the point you're discussing, you won't be addressing your point clearly, succinctly, or thoroughly for everyone to understand.

The rules posted here are for maintaining logic as you pursue your point, and they are adequate but not exhaustive in doing so. It's great that you have passion in the spirit of debate, but try not to let that compromise the spirit of debate; debate is not a place for you to insult people who don't accept what you say is true, it's for you to demonstrate what is true without attempting to speak for other participants unless they ask you to.

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