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RSS Asdf789

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1 point

This really is pathetic. I am beginning to think more and more that the government in the United States is not a representative democracy, but a chrysoaristocracy/chrysocracy/plutocracy, or in other simple words, government by the wealthy for the wealthy. Just think about it for a moment. Who usually wins the elections? The people with the most money. How are congressmen influenced on particular issues? Money from lobbying groups. Who wouldn't take hundreds of thousands of dollars to just say two or three letters? (yes/no)

2 points

With such great importance (around 20% of GDP), I do not think this is something that we can or should push through very fast. Obama wants to push it through imo because he knows that this is probably the only time he can do it with great majorities in both houses. Come next election, I don't see the senate with more than a 55-45 majority and about a 30 seat majority in the house of representatives for the democrats. I could be wrong, that is just my opinion. Without a 60 vote majority, Obama has no prayer of getting the health reform through. It's pretty sad too. I wish Republicans would stop saying no to everything and come up with their own solutions. And this is coming from a Republican myself.

1 point

I believe that it has lost some value here in America. African Americans can't continue to complain and make excuses for not giving themselves better lives. Even though I may disagree with most (if not all) of Mr. Obama's views, I admire him for how he overcame so much adversity to get to where he is today. If he can get through that much adversity and become president of the United States, I think the sky is the limit for African Americans. Granted, he is a gifted individual, but that does not mean that any other person of color could not do the same thing he did if they put their hearts and minds to it.

1 point

Just wondering...

why ;) do ;) you ;) keep ;) putting ;) these ;) stupid ;) smileys ;) after ;) every ;) phrase ;) you ;) make ;) ?

Abel didn't have anything coming to him. It wasn't his fault that he did what God asked of him and Cain didn't.

1 point

CAIN killed Abel because he was jealous that Abel was blessed by God for his offering to him yet he was spited for what he offered. Abel offered God several of his best lambs, while Cain only offered something that was obviously not the best of his crops.

btw, what in the world are you talking about with Cain and Abel being gay? Where did you come up with that idea? Genesis 4:17: "Then Cain's wife became pregnant.." Who is wife was I have no clue, my guesses are that either Adam and Eve's offspring may have married each other (incest) or God made more women.

2 points

1. Black stick figures are still popular

2. When Muslim fertility rates go down soon, the person who put all the time into this video will be screwed

2 points

Why not just make them do jobs that average Americans won't do while they are in jail? Illegal immigration solved. :)

1 point

Of course the US is too big to fail. We are the fourth largest exporter in the world.1 There are also a lot of countries that hold our debt, so if we failed all of that debt couldn't be payed off, leading to a global recession or even depression.2 I doubt we are going to pay it off anyways, but foreign countries are making a killing off of interest :).



1 point

I think the fatter you get, the lazier you get, but I didn't think they would do a study on intelligence and obesity. I don't think it could be definitively proved though, due to the possibility of an obese person having a fair amount of intelligence. Just because you are fat doesn't mean you are dumb, although you probably make some dumb decisions to get fat...

1 point

I find it strange though what happened to all of the Kennedy's over the years. I mean, not many of them died in their sleep, did they? Assassinations, cancer, plane crashes, etc. Something bad happened to most of them, so it is leading me to believe more and more that there is some type of curse or something put on them, although I can't prove it or anything.

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