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RSS Beinglostats

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I do not remember what they were. With the unforeseen I was speaking onto the programs that have never been put into place. Foreseen would be for those that are in place and have failed or are inevitably going to fail. As you know the entire bill is approximately 2,000 pages. I was making a general statement, this isn't my area of study. I may be studying Public Health, but I am no professional when it comes to the study of Health policy or policy in general.

The seminar was the following:


(Presented by the UIC IHRP’s Center for Health Services Research

and the UIC Center for Pharmoeconomic Research)

“Will Health Reform Actually Reduce

Disparities and Improve Public Health?”

Harold Pollack, PhD

The University of Chicago

Professor, School of Social Service Administration

Faculty Chair, Center for Health Administration Studies

Co-Director, The University of Chicago Crime Lab

Dr. Pollack’s current research, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, examines racial and ethnic disparities in substance use disorders and in access to treatment services among low-income women.

I was at a very interesting seminar this past week on disparities in healthcare and if the current healthcare bill being proposed would deal with these issues. What stuck with me out of this entire seminar was one simple line.

While the actual act of passing the healthcare bill will be a grand victory, it will also end up being one of the greatest failures.

The point the lecturer made was that many of the programs being created or revamped have not been tested. Add this to the fact it was written in such a hurry and you've a cocktail of problems unforeseeable and foreseeable for the years to come.

I can understand we're you're coming, not on a personal level but from what my friends of a female friends tell me, from on personal comfort and also for style purposes, but I believe what the debate was going into was what looked better. (longest sentence ever, lol)

This is by far the best choice of the two. Let me divulge into the subject at hand. First off, G-strings leave nothing to the imagination. G-strings aka butt floss isn't the most attractive item. (as much as I love a wonderful butt)

Boy shorts on the other hand have this, I'm good but naughty persona about them. I love how they hang just below the curvature of the gluts. They also hold everything together quite nicely. They come in an array of colors. You can also have prints on them, which can have witty comments. (g-strings don't really allow the room for prints. )

The list goes on, but my vote is for Boy Shorts on Women.

On the second one...why does his head begin around on on his crotch?

I was just presenting an argument matched to yours. Hence if you're going do say I'm sure some do than the same applies to your original comment in which you stated that democrats engage in the activities you listed.

Moderate consumption does not lead to intoxication, hence the word moderate.

That may be true, but we all know that Republicans do tons of blow. (aka cocaine)

If you can agree with this, then I'll agree with your gambling, drinking, and smoking argument for arguments sake.

You do know that moderate consumption of alcohol is actually a good health move, right?

You would be surprised how much math would help you. Remember that math rests much in logic and reasoning. Being able to figure out a problem and create a solution is a much needed skill, plus if you decide to be in the FBI, CIA, etc they look highly and almost always to individuals with high scores in logic and reasoning. A police officer should be rigorously tested in logic in reasoning because of the high need to apply it in the real world.

Very well put. You're starting to sound like the talk on; is it night or just the absence of light. The darkness does not exist it is just an absence of something...ah ha, light

Ah ha! Thanks for giving me the key to my master plan on how to conquer the entire planet!

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"Keeping exploring, keep debating. Cheers!"

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Name: Felipe 
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: 60642
Religion: Atheist
Education: Masters

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