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RSS Blayke13

Reward Points:362
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1 point

That's disgusting. But i suppose true. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

1 point

I guess the pole get's a kick outa it. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

1 point

I believe that a GODDESS created humanity and Earth. But, I sided over here because not in any way do I believe that we are decended from Monkey's.

1 point

Fuck to the You>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> That is all...

1 point

I'd say give my car to the friend and ask them to drive the old lady to a hospital (while telling them I owe them once again.) Stay with my perfect partner and ask my friend to go ahead and take my car to my house after they take the old lady to the hospital. I'd then walk my partner to my house. This way you ain't gotta choose!

1 point

sexist pig......................................................................................

1 point

I believe men lie to women because women make them feel like they have to. We ask guys, "Does this make me look fat?" and we say, "Tell the truth." but we don't want the truth. We want them to love us no matter what and they know that. So they look briefly and say, "No sweetie!" or "I'll love you no matter what you look like." See?

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About Me

"Krymson ...theres kisses on your ta-tas!" -Alyssa Hodge"

Biographical Information
Name: Krymson Noel
Gender: Transgender
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Green Party
Country: United States
Religion: Wiccan
Education: High School
Via IM: imxxblakexxcyb0rg

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