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Exactly, but the interesting thing is that: Believers lived as Disbelievers before conversion, so they are the only ones who have been on both sides, and understand the horrible and hopeless emptiness in the lives of Disbelievers. After meeting God, I can't fathom going back to a meaningless life.

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You, Sir, are a pure rationalist. You have chosen to not believe in spiritual things, nor in miracles of any kind unless they can be proven to your specifications. Like the scientists who are Christians (and there are MANY more beyond ICR) whose work and conclusions don't suit you because you are biased towards them because of their belief in God, you will not believe in any type of miracle totally because you don't believe they are possible. You are a rationalist, plain and simple. You strictly operate within the narrow bounds of your five senses. You hide behind the veils of logic and science, so you don't have to disclose the proof criterion for belief in anything, much less the Bible's claims.

You want an Egyptian account of the Red Sea parting, but the Bible is clear that every single Egyptian soldier was wiped out in the massacre. Tell me this, what if Noah's Ark was found atop Mount Ararat? And it measured out at exactly the size of the biblical account - would you then believe in the global flood? Hint - it's where the dinosaurs died - God didn't allow them on the Ark.

Why do you believe in carbon dating when it is a known faulty system?

Oh my, as a Rationalist you have so much to explain. There is no way you can believe human accounts, nor anyway to believe any form of evidence that is presented to you, because that said evidence could have been altered in some way , by someone with ulterior motives. Hey, the two or more "independent reliable sources" that you would accept as "good evidence" could 1) be part of a secret conspiracy, and conjure up similar accounts; 2) offer accounts that don't quite jibe because they viewed, or heard, or smelled, or tasted, or felt the same exact thing, but from a different perspective. Unless you can actually personally witness something, anything, everything, and verify with any or all of your own senses, as a pure Rationalist, you cannot believe it. Period. If you do, you are being untrue to your Rationalist foundational beliefs.

You think incorrectly when you state God doesn't prove himself to people. He does, physically, to many. With me, though, He changed me from the inside out. When he entered my heart, he burnt the hell right out my soul. You think I didn't "feel" that, Mr Rationalist? Sorry to disappoint you, I did, and I will never forget it.

You operate on this theoretical plane for these important parts of life, such as what we're discussing. In theory, the things you say sound reasonable, but you are an incredibly biased person, who chooses to not believe in God and will accept no evidence from any person who does, because you consider them solely faith-based, unscientific, illogical head-in-the-clouds nutjobs, who should stay out of laboratories and all things that have anything to do with intelligence.

Do you believe in the Big Bang? If so, tell us exactly what Big Bang process you have personally witnessed, or any the 2 or more of your independent reliable sources have witnessed.

Do you believe in evolution? If so, tell us exactly what evolutionary process you have personally witnessed, or any the 2 or more of your independent reliable sources have witnessed.

I could extend this line of questioning, but I think I've blown enough holes in your philosophy of "belief."

1 point

Sorry for the delay, but didn't notice your response. Your quotes are in quotations since I can't find a bold text option anywhere. I tried moving your quote to Word and bolding it, but it doesn't translate back to the forum.

"It is terrible reasoning because you are claiming that something is true because there is no disproof."

That's not the extent of my claim. My claim is that I believe what I read in the Scriptures based on faith FIRST, but if someone would provide evidence against what the Bible teaches/claims, then I would disbelieve the circumstance in question. You, on the other hand, when it comes to the Bible, but undoubtedly not many other writings, including news reports, etc., feel a need to initially disbelieve it's accounts because there is no way for it to be proven? What is proof to you anyway? Eyewitness? Well, Jesus Christ was an eyewitness, and the writers were eyewitnesses, so that doesn't suffice for you. Fine. But, what does? Tell us what evidence could possibly be presented to you about creation? About the global flood, and Noah's Ark, and the parting of the Red Sea, and such, exactly WHAT evidence would you personally require, since all people have differing requirements on what and how they believe? Would you have to touch God to believe He exists? Just because you haven't experienced God's spirit, does that mean you don't believe Him? Some of us have experienced the Holy Spirit of God in our lives, so we have evidence that He exists, and that His word is true. Your lack of evidence doesn't negate the reality of God. Do you believe that Abraham Lincoln existed? Why? Eyewitness reports, records, pictures, a monument? But, you didn't experience him in the flesh, and touch him, and talk to him, nor did you hear his voice. "Abraham Lincoln" could be a deceptive ploy carried out by some world organization meant to bring down slavery. I'll submit, right now, that "Abraham Lincoln" is totally fabricated. Bohemian, please prove to me that the person Abraham Lincoln was a real human.

Tell me how you believe any news report from around the world? Do tell us, please.

"The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) is not a scientific organization. Setting out to prove what they have stated that they already believe, is in direction opposition to the scientific method. Their doctrine prevents them from finding any evidence that would contradict their 'mission'."

LOL. So, what you're saying is that there are perfectly unbiased scientists who study creation/big bang/evolution, etc? LOL. Your science gods who believe in the big bang and evolution are some of the biggest Godhating people on this earth, and they are full of deceptive scientific practices, leading to fabricated conclusions. LOL. Nice try, Bohemian.

"Infallible evidence is neither possible nor necessary, in fact no evidence at all is necessary until the affirmative claim first provides supporting evidence and then and only then can counter-evidence be requested. What is asserted without evidence can be rejected without evidence."

So tell us, what is possible to prove, under your personal system? You're good at using your little personal rule book to doubt "certain" things that you don't believe; but, truly, what is possible to prove? Is there a Natural Law of Evidence that provides humans a guide for believing any and everything? Please guide us into perfect truth, and belief.

"However my intention is not to "wreck" anyone's faith, I am merely making arguments and your argument was particularly fallacious."

Granted. Sorry. Your argument against evidence and ultimate truth and belief is totally fallacious, as well.

1 point

Reading the Bible DID NOT make you an atheist. Your decision to not believe in the God of the Bible is what made you an atheist. Your lack of faith in the God who created you is what made you an atheist. Your love of your own personal sin is what made you an atheist. Your choice of debased sin and lies over the forgiveness of Jesus Christ is what made you an atheist. When you meet God on Judgment Day you will no longer be an atheist, but it will be too late at that time, to save you.

Who are you to say that anyone has not met God? How can you rationally make that claim? I've met the God of the Bible. Definitely not a handshake type of introduction, but His Holy Spirit possessed my heart, and He threw open the doors to understanding His Bible. I will meet Him face to face soon enough, but until that time, my relationship is based on personal faith, given to me by Him.

He doesn't hate gays, he hates their immoral, detestable behavior. He loves them, and wants them to repent, but if they don't, his fatherly love will have to punish them. He doesn't like it, but the cold hard hearts have to turn to Him for forgiveness. Deal with it. It's the same for murderers, adulterers, thieves, degenerates, idolaters, etc etc etc. Sin is sin, repentance and faith clears that sin, and puts it on Christ's shoulders on the cross. He gives you his righteousness b/c of the faith you express in Him. Simple, but too complicated for those who love their sinful ways.

1 point

Yeh!! Thanks, Joe!! I appreciate the help and this will make the viewing and debating experience much better.

1 point

Alright, but does an off-the-chart intelligent human, like Adolph Hitler have a better chance of being saved then someone else who is of a lower IQ level? God will save those who are unable to intelligently enough understand the gospel message, and make a heart's commitment to it. God is perfectly able to save those whom he chose, and his grace covers all matters involved.

I do understand what you're saying, but I've seen mentally retarded people on both ends of the spectrum of faith, some Godlovers, some Godhaters. It's the heart's bent towards God, but, the heart includes one's mind, which is at the center of our brain. Great stuff to discuss.

1 point

It's not terrible "reasoning." It may not suffice in your view, but that's only your view. There is a biblical claim that those things, like Sodom & Gomorrah, occurred. One can believe it, or one can choose to disbelieve it.

But, why wouldn't one believe that the accounts happened? Many, many people believe in the literal Genesis account of God's creation, and btw, the intelligent design scientists are offering all kinds of new evidence in support of it (; and if one believes in the Genesis account, what the heck is so hard to believe about God raining fire and brimstone from heaven down upon the immoral towns? That act is way too simple for the God of the Bible. Dang, I mean he created all matter, all immaterial, as well, ex nihilio. Get with it, Bohemian. If you want to wreck people's faith you really need to offer infallible and conclusive evidence against the stated claims of the belief.

1 point

Well, not after his birth as the God/Man, but of course, in his preincarnate state he created the world and all things in it, so I guess that constitutes as a miracle. :-)

I'm wracking my mind trying to remember any miracles of his prior to his public ministry, but not coming up with any. Now, come to think of it, the Catholic bible (I'm not Catholic and don't agree with their later added ruling to include the Apocrypha to back their belief in Mary adoration and purgatory, etc), with the latter day added Apocrypha may have some accounts of miracles of Jesus, the boy? Maybe, but not sure, but I wouldn't believe that anyway because the Apocrypha documents aren't proven reliable by the earlier Catholic church councils.

Okay, so this thread we're discussing takes me about 20 minutes to scroll down and find the latest post. Is there ANY way, whatsoever, of "Showing All Replies" without so much scrolling? I'm new to this particular board, and I really like it, so help me out if you will.

1 point

You have to have some degree of intelligence, but it takes faith and God opening the heart to fully believing the Bible. "Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word of God." Acts 16: 14, "Lydia. . . worshiped God. The Lord opened her heart to heed the things spoken by Paul." So, it's a combination of God working in a person's heart, and that person's faith and intelligence kicking in and leading the person to belief.

1 point

You're absolutely correct. My apologies to God, and the viewers. I was trying to relate by speaking in the vernacular, which was wrong. I need to rise above and be salt and light, and purify my tongue with burning coals. I'm feeling like Isaiah, a man of unclean lips (Isaiah 6): "Woe is me." Thanks for the correction.

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