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RSS Brycer2012

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There is a thing called common sense. I'm sure plenty of people probably don't know what that is. It has become nearly obsolete. If you teach children the right thing to do, and scold them when they do something wrong, then there is no purpose for a Bill of Wrongs. When I say scold I don't mean to put them in a corner for 5 minutes, give them a whooping. I know people consider that child abuse, but I was whooped, as were many generations before me, and I consider myself to be very well behaved.

I completely agree with you.

How would your bill of wrongs look?

3 words. Long as hell. It's impossible to tell everyone everything that is wrong, on a piece of paper.

There is a doctor that is suing a restaurant because they didn't tell him how to eat an artichoke. What has this world come to???

2 points

Haha!! Like that episode of Family Guy............................................

Family Guy
2 points

I never said that it wasn't. I think that minimum wage is related to cost of living.

2 points

Sure, with the set salaries, they are protected by unions from competition.

I agree with that statement to a point. Unions do help with job security and salaries, but they don't completely control the teacher pay. If all teachers got paid for the amount of work they did in and out of the classroom, then the county wouldn't be able to afford the hourly rates, so they set up a yearly salary to avoid budget problems.

2 points

If a teacher has a masters degree, true they get paid more than someone that only has a bachelors, but each teacher has a set salary that is same for each year. Teachers don't negotiate their salaries.

2 points

Wages are not based on cost of living. Government wants you to think that. Wages are based on skills and talents.

If that's the case, then why do teachers that live in certain areas get paid different salaries? The median salary for an elementary school teacher in Los Angeles, California is about $57,000 a year, while a teacher in Riverside, California (about 50 miles away) gets paid about $55,000 a year.

Being liberal has nothing to do with loving the government...I don't know if you realize or not, but about 2 years ago and the 8 years before that we had a republican president.

2 points

If we didn't have minimum wage there would be more jobs to go around and he probably wouldn't have lost his job.

So living off a dollar a day is better? The people are still going to be on some type of welfare program...ultimately more people, any job that's in the private sector. The reason why we have a minimum wage is because the cost of living is so high.

I have no problem with legal aliens, but illegal. As long as the people that come over follow our laws, pay taxes, and are legal, then I don't care.

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