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RSS Foratag

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1 point

What I never understood is why blacks want to let in millions of Hispanics? Do black people not understand that by allowing for an open southern border very few black people come in? If 20 million Hispanics come in, the black portion of the minority population decreases dramatically. Do they not know they are slitting their own throats?

Why don't we just let in 50 million brown people from Asia and drop black people to #4 on the food chain. Then maybe 50 million from the Far East and drop blacks to #5.

2 points

I put the over/under at 52 by the time it is all said and done. I mean, why stop at 31? They have to be missing a few, don't they?

3 points

Liberals are always complaining about the war on women from Republicans. They should look into the mirror. The American people simply do not want little girls exposed to penises. Liberals need to find another messed up cause to promote. This one is never going to gain traction.

2 points

Obama's idiotic ruling allowed for men to say they identify as a woman and march right into a woman's locker room and strip naked in front of little girls. Yes, Obama actually said all you have to do is identify as a woman and you are free to enter a woman's locker room. What a pervert.

2 points

Liberals are always forcing their views down the throats of the American people no matter what the consensus is. Their elitist attitude is disgusting.

1 point

Four moonbats on the Supreme Court are ready to give it to them. The Senate needs to get Gorsuch approved ASAP.

foratag(257) Clarified
1 point

Life is short, you should move to Cuba and live out your utopia. I am sure Castro will welcome you with open arms.

2 points

I use that line all the time Outlaw. It works wonders when talking to someone who thinks they are more intelligent but are not. I will take the pledge.

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