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RSS GhostheadX

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IMO I'd rather you slap the guy because it's appropriate for women to slap men, and run away, or kick him in the balls and have that not be a rapist, than follow him away from the mall your probably at where people can see you (which is something all forms of intelligent predators will try to do regardless of if they are a sexual predator) and have them gag you and kidnap you which is actually an actual technique all forms of predators, murderers, etc. will use to kidnap is they'll be REALLY REALLY GOOD at looking nice through practice.

I don't get the joke. Am I dumb?

Am I innocent? What is so funny about a white guy knocking out a black guy? That's awful. Although if it really is an arranged fight between two guys I don't care.

Let's take our average human and name him John Doe. You can think of John as any human being regardless of race gender or religion who's mind you want to change.

You can throw facts at John.

You can yell at John.

You can say "moron" to John Doe all you want.

You can beg John to change his behavior.

You can throw sticks and stones at John and threaten to sew his mouth to someone else's ass to make one long digestive track if he doesn't change his mind.

You can show him beautiful life inspiring stories of people who succeeded by disagreeing with him.

You can offer him Kate Upton for life and a trillion dollars.

But ultimately, it's his decision when he wants to change his mind, not yours.

Yes, but not the ones you think there are:

If we stay down this path, scientists will make sure that becomes everyone.

Well, I don't know what Murica is, but I have an excellent debate IMO for you all to join: flashing aterroristwontwork

Just wanted to showcase it.

You're pretty damn skilled with photoshop. Like the fire against the silvery-black background.

He just lined you to abiogenesis which is basically the theory of how a single called organism came into being

There is no proof to intelligent design as well as no proof of evolution.

If you think rock that has replaced decaying matter that can be compared to animal bone, proving it's not animal bone, is animal bone, then maybe you have a good point.

they teach it as fact in our schools.

They teach it as a theory in our schools. What they say is it's the most credible theory we have so far. And being a theory is not being a hypothesis. It stands up to every test and everyone tries and fails to disprove it. Also, there are mountains of evidence to support it: layers.html remains.html

Now why don't you do some research.

ghostheadX(1105) Clarified
1 point

Remember the killer bees? That was a scientist playing with nature.

Maybe, but I think Frankenstein is still not going to happen just cuz of this sort of thing unless we take a primate with very close DNA to a human and try to make a baby with it, which probably won't work.

It would be great to have a bacteria eating up green house gasses. We already have natural bacteria eating up oil spills.

All the doom and gloom of environmentalists telling us how these oil spills would take centuries to clean up.

Well it seems the oceans already had their own answer for it. I believe the same will happen with green house gasses. Nature has a way of cleaning up our messes.

Maybe, but that doesn't prove intelligent design. It's a hypothesis you made and not really even a theory.

ghostheadX(1105) Clarified
1 point

13.799 years ago or 13.799 million years ago? I say that because I'm not 14 so I think your referring to the origin of life 13.799 mya.

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