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Hiding behind a screen is a given in this day and age of the Internet, why would you want your real identity attached? The motive to come here is to debate opinions with passion to degrees we can't do IRL because of the fear of offending people and offending the company we work for or university we attend and getting kicked out for our extreme views (or impolite way of conveying them).

So, yes, it is a way to risk less in freely expressing oneself but no, I am not a pussy just a pragmatist who isn't afraid to be a little rational and cowardly when I need to be.

Jehovah's Witnesses are not Mormons so I'm a little confused right now.

I don't let them in. I'm not sure what you are disputing anymore.

I've seen females do it and they are like age 50 don't give me this right of passage bullshit. They are scum who are doing a legal form of harassment.

They don't give two flying fucks what you believe, they only are there to shove their opinion down your throat. Fuck Jehovah's witnesses.

Why would they want to abort their future generation's slaves?

Think, FW, think. :)

Do you understand the concept of 'lesser' and 'greater'?

You are talking about there still being evil but not comprehending that it's a much less evil society than the prolife one that's existed throughout history and which led to slavery.#

It is not true that all prolifers are confederate slave state rednecks but it's true that all rednecks are prolife.

It is true that the pro-lifers are more equal in their outlook on humanity but what I find disturbing is their lack of comprehension that some things matter more than having rigid equality in one's legal system.

For instance, would you say that the world is better or worse if many unwanted children are sprouting up everywhere?

Simply put, it's higher crime rate, higher child abuse and neglect rates and higher rate of the abused and/or neglected children growing up to perpetuate the vicious cycle onto their offspring.

Abortion is the lesser evil, whether or not it's rigid in 'equality'.

If you find him such a bore why are you engaging with him so fervently?

Your anger only hurts yourself.

To call someone a slave is to not understand the necessity of underlings for an overlord to remain supreme.

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About Me

"I like to understand the wrong point of view more than to argue the right one."

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Gender: Fellow
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: Antarctica
Religion: Other

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