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RSS Lovely21

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1 point

My personal preference is smaller boobs. I'm not saying that if I had bigger ones that I would despise them, but You can do a lot more with "ity bities". i guess it depends on the person because if the can handle all of the extra then go for it.

2 points

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! If you are indecent enough to have intercourse with someone and not accept responsibility for your actions then you should be neutered, or have to pay a fine. When someone is pregnant at least from what I've heard they develop an emotional attachment, and I for one do not think what the guy says should necessarily be the OK. It takes the whole thinking of a man's world to another place. Besides since when does the man get to make the decision of if they would like "their lady" to have the baby...It's in her...This is wigity wigity wack!!! Child support is necessary and in order.

1 point

I see nothing wrong with it unless she was also the 85 year old lady who tried to wear a miniskirt and halter top... Besides that whats the issue?

1 point

lol Funny topic. Actually there are different degrees of happiness so in what area of happiness do you speak?

1 point

I'm sorry I apologize for being rude but that was a stupid question. Why would you have flyer miles in a place where everything is perfect and nothing goes wrong? It wouldn't be heaven if things were as they were before you died?

1 point

UHmmm..that's kind of disgusting. I'm not going to say that I've never done it before because when I younger I did, but considering I have legs I might as well get out and go. Besides with everything going around I wouldn't want to catch something because something was in someone else's pee.

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