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RSS Marcusmoon

Reward Points:402
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2 points

Hell, I hate that the US is a welfare state. It weakens both individuals and the people as a whole, and dissipates our freedom.

I definitely don't want the US ever to be socialist because I value freedom and accomplishment.

Despite leftists categorizing socialism as "liberal", it limits people's freedom by:

-- Granting the state unreasonable power

-- Confiscating money and power (and thereby freedom from individuals)

-- Discouraging accomplishment by relieving individuals of responsibility and accountability for their own needs

-- Discouraging accomplishment by taking too much of the rewards for personal success

I am a free market capitalist because:

-- It creates the most wealth.

-- It encourages the greatest (and stupidest) accomplishments.

-- It provides the most effective non-violent and non-coercive social controls.

-- It encourages the greatest personal freedom.

In a truly free market all social/economic relationships are completely voluntary, and unfortunately we are moving away from that (wedding cake requirements) and as freedom is truncated, justice is curtailed.

1 point

There is no indication that he did not know how to love.

In fact, the indication is that he loved deeply and passionately. This would seem to be why he reacted so violently against the things and ideas he perceived as threats to those he loved, particularly his nation and the German people.

Certainly he loved beauty and art.

I might go to Vienna and try to market his paintings better. Had he been a successful artist, he might never have gone into politics.

1 point

The real question is Should people be allowed to divorce themselves?

I say no. Make them stay together and work it out.

1 point

This is oddly, and depressingly apt.

I was unemployed for three months when I was 24. I had enough savings that I could pay my bills and be comfortable for six months, but despite lack of financial stress, I was emotionally stressed out.

I realized early on that, because I lived alone, nobody would be likely to look for me or find me accidentally if something happened and I could not move or reach the telephone, etc.

Because I did not have a job, I was not expected to show up anywhere. Nobody would have missed me.

Had my friends knocked and I did not answer, they would have assumed I was out.

Had anyone called, they would have assumed I was out.

I could have been injured and incapacitated, and NOBODY would have missed me or come to check on me while I slowly died of thirst or starvation.

1 point

A hole with two holes close to each other is no longer a straw, it is a ring.

Why only 2 holes? A hole does not have thickness per se, so it is just as logical to say there is an infinite number of holes at intervals of every irrational number between each edge of the ring's thickness.

The minute we start playing with irrational numbers, and infinite numbers of abstract things (such as holes) we have left actual rationality far behind in favor of rationalization.

A ring, like a straw is defined by where it has mass, not by its negative space. A ring is a bar curved in a circle so that its ends meet, just as a straw is a rectangular sheet curved so that opposite ends meet.

No holes.

marcusmoon(402) Clarified
2 points

Technically that is a slit.

Do we want to discuss whether a slit is simply a hole that tapers at two ends?

marcusmoon(402) Clarified
1 point

However, it is interesting that you say that a straw can have a hole. Tell me then, does a wooden straw have a hole(s)? ;)

If you pierce the sheath around the cylindrical space, a straw made of anything, including straw, can have a hole. ;)

0 points

One elongated hole on the same general principle as a tunnel is a hole through a solid mass, usually rock.

The tunnel through rock is not an apt metaphor.

The rock started out as a solid mass with a volume that included the location of the (future) tunnel. The hole/tunnel was put into the rock, reducing the volume of rock.

By contrast, the straw's volume never changed. The straw was extruded around a tube-shaped space. The straw's tunnel was produced by inserting a separation between it and the surrounding space.

There is even Biblical evidence of this, so hear ye the word of the Lord.

6 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the space, and let it divide the space from the space.

7 And God made the firmament, and divided the space which were within the firmament from the space which were outside the firmament: and it was so.

8 And God called the firmament straw. And the evening and the morning were the second day. (Genesis 1:6-8)

Here endeth the lesson.

Thank you Jesus; thank you, Lord.

1 point

So..., the sheath is not solid ;)

The sheath is solid, but it has no hole in it. If it had a hole, you could not get enough suction to draw the liquid from the cup to your mouth.

0 points

No hole. A hole implies a solid thing has a space in it.

By contrast, a straw is a sheath around a bar of air, a vacuum, or a liquid as it is drawn through the sheath.

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"Degrees in English, World Religion, Education, Technical Project Management."

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Name: Marcus 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: Masters

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