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marcusmoon(485) Clarified
1 point

School admin didn’t believe me and I got detention.

Don't kid yourself, it probably was irrelevant whether they believed you.

It is okay to be biased against heterosexuals, men, whites, Christians, conservatives, and successful people for being in those categories, but not acceptable for being in any other category. This is because the basic assumption is that if you are not in one of these unprotected categories, you must be completely incapable of adult reactions to your own feelings, and therefore need to be protected.

marcusmoon(485) Clarified
1 point

Did my smiley did not convey sarcasm? ;)

I thought the smiley was in reference to the joke.

marcusmoon(485) Clarified
1 point


ok, since you are blonde and you didn't get the joke, I will try to explain (maybe even prove by example) why he couldn't just explain it once. Ready?

Are you blonde?

My post was a blond joke, which is why I, a supposed blond, suggested such a convoluted way for the blind guy to help the blondes get his joke.

Go dye your hair, then come back and read my post again. You will understand it once you are a brunette.


So, this redhead is working at the returns counter at a drug store when a brunette comes to the counter asking to return a package of brown hair dye.

The woman at the counter said, "I cannot give you a refund because the box is empty."

The brunette replied, "I know, that is why I want the refund. The hair dye is defective."

The clerk compared the picture of the model's hair on the package with the hair on the customer. "It looks like your hair is the color on the box."

"I know, but it didn't work!"

"Your hair is brown," said the clerk. "What color was it before?"


"Then of course the hair dye worked. You are a brunette, now."

"I know," said the customer, but I am still dumb!"

"...Oh," said the clerk, unsure of how to proceed . "Let me call my manager."

When the brown haired manager got to the returns desk, the clerk explained the situation.

"Give the lady a refund," said the manager. "I bought the same stuff last month. It did not work for me, either.


marcusmoon(485) Clarified
1 point

You've tasted them ;)

Just because it was a metaphor does not mean the answer is no.

marcusmoon(485) Clarified
1 point


A blind man was going to tell a blonde joke at this bar but three blonde, butch, women walked up to him and told him that they were blonde and capable of kicking his ass. They then asked him if he still wanted to proceed and tell his joke and he said, "Not if I'll have to explain it 3 times." ;)

1) I am blond. (Well, I used to be.)

2) I don't think that joke is funny.

3) I don't understand why he had to explain it three times.

Couldn't he have explained it to one of them, had her explain it to the second one, and then had the second blonde explain it to the third one? ;)

marcusmoon(485) Clarified
1 point

U, my friend,

I am worried about you. I want you to have a happy life.

1) The first, and possibly most necessary such step to a happy life is to accept that there is nothing we can do to change the fact that some people are unkind, sometimes intentionally, and sometimes not. The world is full of assholes of various types and flavors.

Unfortunately this does not change after high school, despite the fact that we hope people grow, and learn empathy, and come to understand the staggering power of smiles and small kindnesses.

2) The second step is to realize that only the listeners (you, in this case) have power over whether unkind or thoughtless words are able to hurt them. Offense is not given; it is taken.

What people say about you and to you indicate nothing about you, but a lot about them. How you think about what they say is what gives it the power to hurt you or not.

When my students would come to me and say, "So-and-so called me a ," my response was always, "Is it true?" That is the important question.

Consider, "if somebody said, "2+2=3" you would not get angry, you would simply brush it off as he or she is a dumbass, or possibly trying to piss you off. It is no different if they say something stupid or untrue about you.

This is where a sense of irony, and even better, a sense of humor are so important to YOUR mental and emotional health. (My earlier posts on this should model how to do this.) You wrote, I k ow somethings are just jokes, but they are bad jokes to tell. Just like blond jokes.

To misquote Oscar Wilde, "There is no such thing as a moral joke or an immoral joke. Jokes are funny or not. That is all." A joke that is funny justifies itself. A joke that is not funny embarrasses the teller, just like saying, "2+2=3."

The minute you laugh at a funny joke at your expense, or dismiss an unfunny one as the product of an idiot, and then ignore it, you nullify the joke's power to hurt you.

3) The third step is to identify what your problem really is.

- Ginger jokes are NOT your problem.

- People saying unkind things is NOT your problem.

- Your problem is that you are lonely, and want to be liked by these people.

The things you said you do in response to all of the name-calling will only continue to make your problem worse.

Hurting people who say things you don't like does not demonstrate that other people are horrible, only that you have an underdeveloped sense of humor, and may be a horrible person yourself. This makes it unlikely any of these people will like you or be kind to you.

Hurting others also makes you a preferred target for unkindness.

You wrote, I am feared in my class because of my violent actions, but also the most bullies.* (I assume you mean "bullied") I guarantee that the others in your class would identify you as the main bully, and would probably say they crack jokes at your expense in retaliation to your violence.

It is hard to say which of those will isolate you more, but both lead to a very lonely and unhappy life.

I do not believe that there is any such thing as a soul. However, if the soul does exist, you have to be kind and forgiving if you want people to see it in you.

Take care of yourself, and laugh more, especially at your own expense.

marcusmoon(485) Clarified
1 point


I do feel sad for you, but that is largely because you seem to aim at taking offense rather than developing a sense of humor that could protect you from feeling offended.

Soul-The spiritual or immaterial part of a human.

You realize, I hope, that this does not actually provide enough information to tell me anything about what you think it is.

For somebody who is obviously truly hurt by being joked with about not having a soul, you seem to have difficulty providing details about the thing.

Put aside your knee-jerk emotions, and just think about what the "soulless ginger" and "Satan's Spawn" silliness really mean. These are jokes based on fiction and unexamined superstition.

Regarding calling you ugly, that is blatantly and needlessly unkind. That likely has nothing to do with how people generally feel about gingers in my experience. Lots of us find redheads extraordinarily attractive, exotic, etc.. (My wife swears that red hair is even sexier than playing hockey or playing bass guitar. Even so, she makes ginger jokes sometimes.)

Imagine that everyone thought you were a which or the devil. Imagine that no one trusted you because you are a ginger.

Regarding calling you a witch or the devil, they don't exist.

Regarding calling you evil, or not trusting you, you may want to look to your own actions and responses. You previously mentioned that you twist people's arms for saying things you dislike. That indicates that what you are dealing with is at least partly based in your own actions and responses.

Based on the content of your previous posts, I gather that you are still in high school/secondary school. (If I am incorrect, please forgive me.) Don't confuse how things are in high school with how things are in the real world.

In addition to being an ex-teenager, I am also an ex-teacher. Trust me, EVERYBODY is teased and tortured in high school. It is just that they are all picked on for different reasons. So they tease you for being a ginger, whereas others are teased for being smart or stupid or tall or short or...etc., ad infinitum.

All I am saying is that just because I am a ginger doesn't mean anything. I am like the rest of you all. Just with something unique about myself. I am like everyone else. I am just the same. I can do every thing you all can. I have a soul.

I agree with all of this statement but the last sentence, because I see no reason to believe the soul exists.

Relax, and ignore the BS, or laugh.

It is unfair for gingers to be judged like that.

Do you really think anybody actually believes that gingers are different?

NOBODY actually cares. They are just jokes. The fact that you choose to take them personally and react violently are likely to have a lot to do with people continuing the joke.

marcusmoon(485) Clarified
1 point


There is no reason for you to feel bad about any of this. Judging by the fact that you say you react violently to some of this, I think I am actually more on your side than you are.

First, I would assume one has such knowledge to know that I too have a soul. It's is offensive towards me to be called soulless because I also want to be treated like everyone else that doesn't have red hair.

What do you mean by a soul? Can you articulate it clearly? (Most people are even less able to articulate the definition and qualities of soul than those of god.)

I mean seriously, what empirical evidence do you have that there is any such thing? I know of no such evidence.


Because the soul is a figment of the cultural imagination. It is at best a metaphor for self-aware identity, and a sign of our fear of death and our yearning for immortality of some sort.

It is pretty obvious to me that the "soulless ginger" jokes are (marginally) funny because they boil down to saying gingers don't show evidence of having something that nobody else shows evidence of having, yet people pretend exists.

The joke is less about gingers than about souls and the ridiculousness of believing in them.

Second, do you have a brain? Weird question is it not? Would you not assume that I would think you have a brain, as I thought one would be smart enough to think I have a soul.

There is empirical evidence for the existence of brains, mine and yours included, but

none for the existence of souls, even in people who are not gingers.

Third, I do not care about my incorrect grammar. Do not have a care in the world. One, indeed, can be offended. While on can be offensive.

My comments were not about grammar, but about usage and diction, and more to the point, about the fact that an individual's feelings do not imbue anything, including a statement, with any intrinsic quality, especially not any obligation on the part of others.

That point was the core of my post.

There are hordes of people who use the term offensive to misrepresent their feelings about some term or statement as being universal or morally authoritative. They use offensive in an attempt to hide the reality that people feel differently about things, and nobody's feelings count more than anybody else's.

Some people like certain words, statements, or jokes , and think they are apt or funny.

Other people dislike the same words, statements, or jokes, and feel offended by them.

By characterizing the jokes as offensive, people who feel offended are attempting to discount the feelings and views of people with whom they disagree, and far too often to justify banning statements they dislike.

marcusmoon(485) Clarified
1 point

Don't insult the jews by comparing them to those gingerbread bastards.

Yeah. Nobody has any plans to put them into ovens!, uhh...


At least nobody is planning on making a museum of an extinct cookie.

marcusmoon(485) Clarified
1 point

Unless the house and the man were made from the same gingerbread batch ;)

Would that be siblings, or clones?

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