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RSS Moody

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First of all the question is completely unfounded and based on anecdotal evidence at best.

It is important to consider what you are actually expecting of the islamic community. Simply going on TV and denouncing radical islam means nothing, since it goes without saying for the VAST MAJORITY of muslims. But switching the news on you will obviously get the impression that no muslims denounce the radical elements of islam since it's not newsworthy; airing a story bout muslims who preach hate is far more interesting than a story about average muslims who are disgusted by the extreme views of the minority.

As a slight but relevant digression, the man who blew himself up in Sweden was banned from his mosque for his radical views.

Therefore I disagree with the question since there is no way one can simply fabricate that few muslims denounce just don't hear about them.

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"Currently at Oxford university studying medicine. Born in Iraq but grew up in the UK."

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