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I told you before, I don't live in America, and I am not a supporter of the American Democratic party. I would likely vote for an Independent. I also told you numerous times I do not support no restriction abortions.

Read what I said. "Nobody I have ever met agrees with abortion in all circumstances, nor with murder". That statement is completely true.

Are you actually able to read and comprehend?

1 point

What a moronic debate. You believe in fairy tales about an invisible man in the sky and you want to try to paint people who agree with abortion in certain circumstances as being short sighted.

NOBODY I have ever met agrees with abortion in all circumstances, nor with murder.

Say something meaningful, or shut up.

1 point

The time isn't coming Joe. It's been "nigh upon us" and the "end of days" for about 4,000 years now. I think it's time all you climate change denying scientifically illiterate cavemen woke up and faced the real world. Mary was an unfaithful cheat; Jesus was probably the son of a Roman soldier or some other fella who took Mary's fancy, and he spent his life being deluded into believing fairytales told to him by a woman who couldn't bear to be seen to be unfaithful; and your bible is a collection of petulant writing stitched together with less care than a cheap Chinese stuffed animal.

Religion is garbage.

Evolution is proven. Case closed.

1 point

I never said you care what other people do either. But quite clearly, you do care. Otherwise you wouldn't ramble incessantly on about how "unnatural" sticking your penis in an anus is.

Your God really is a pathetic fuckwit if that's what he has you spending time on, honestly.

Get a fuckn life.

2 points

The only extreme person here is you. I really couldn't give a flying fuck if a man wants to bone another man. It does not harm anyone.

1 point

Yes because your fairy tales have LOADS of evidence, don't they?


2 points

Natural: this is a word which means "occurring in nature".

Nature: What exists: the physucal world.

Therefore, anything that occurs in the physical world is by definition: natural.

Homosexuality happens in nature. Therefore it is natural.

What you are trying to do is conflate the biological meaning of the word "natural", with the social/moral meaning. They are different. Homosexuality is biologically "natural". But by your reckoning it is not morally "natural".

But science deals in facts and realities. It doesn't concern itself with moral reasoning, which is by definition subjective. It concerns itself with physically manifested phenomena.

1 point

The scientific community continually changed their minds in the light of superior evidence. We proved the Earth was round and the scientific community adopted it. We proved that the Earth revolved around the sun, and the scientific community adopted it. and when the scientific community believed that life was created, Darwin proved that it was evolved, and guess what the scientific community did? That's right. Ten points. They adopted it.

We KNOW evolution happened.

1 point

Outlaw: Bronotraptor.

Your arguments are meaningless. You are meaningless. I don't care about you or what you have to say.

1 point

Actually the biggest contributors to antibiotic and antibacerial substances in oceans and rivers are antibiotics used by farmers, and the everyday use of antibacterial chemicals in the home (which inevitably end up down the drain).

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