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1 point

Outlaw: Bronotraptor.

Your arguments are meaningless. You are meaningless. I don't care about you or what you have to say.

1 point

Actually the biggest contributors to antibiotic and antibacerial substances in oceans and rivers are antibiotics used by farmers, and the everyday use of antibacterial chemicals in the home (which inevitably end up down the drain).

1 point

Proof that Americans are bonafide psychopaths ^^ I'm glad the world hates you. Between your very public mistreatment of Iran, your withdrawal from the Paris agreement, your penchant for pissing of the Chinese and Russians at every turn, and your talent for alienating yourself from Europe in every possible capacity, it won't be long before you're a country of gun-toting, economically decimated, mentally retarded inbreds. At that point, we can seal you off at the borders in a gigantic impenetrable glass bubble and just forget about you until you disappear.

1 point

If you create something, with complete knowledge of its functions, and complete knowledge of every time, instance, and way in which it will utilize those functions, and which aims drive its acts, and all aspects of its life, from beginning, to end, then you are responsible for everything that it does. You have set the limitations on what it can and can't do, can and can't think, can and can't be. You have complete and total foresight of everything it will amount to, of every decision it will ever make, and in which direction those decisions will sway.

To create such a being, then blame it for being the way you knew it would be, the way you made it, the way you foresaw it, is an act of downright stupidity.

But more to the point: all of this is moot. There's no evidence of any of your religious tripe, anyway. God is a myth. And you are an idiot.

0 points

You're saying that recorded images on a disk have free will? Are you mad?

1 point

Did you create the movie? Do its characters have free will? Is a film analogous to human life?

What point are you trying to make here?


1 point

This is oxymoronic. "God knows everything and sees everything and exists in everything and is throughout all time and space, and whatever he decides to create he knows all the outcomes of every part of it before he creates it, which means he knows what every human will be like and what decisions they make before they even make them, but we have "free will"".

Take your head out of your ass.

1 point

A list of languages with no gender for inanimate objects:



Armenian (Indo-European)

Azerbaijani (Turkic)

Bashkir (Turkic)

Bengali (Indo-European)


Carolinian (Austronesian)

Chamoru (Austronesian)


Chuvash (Turkic)

Crimean Tatar (Turkic)

English (Indo-European)

Estonian (Uralic)

Esperanto (Constructed)

Fijian (Austronesian)

Finnish (Uralic)

Gagauz (Turkic)


Gilbertese (Austronesian)


Haitian Creole

Hungarian (Uralic)

Ido (Constructed)

Ilokano (Austronesian)


Javanese (Austronesian)

Karachay-Balkar (Turkic)

Karakalpak (Turkic)

Kazakh (Turkic)


Khakas (Turkic)

Konkani (Indo-European)


Kumyk (Turkic)

Kyrgyz (Turkic)


Lojban (Constructed)

Malagasy (Austronesian)

Malay/Indonesian (Austronesian)

Maori (Austronesian)

Marshallese (Austronesian)


Nahuatl (Uto-Aztecan)

Nauruan (Austronesian)

Niuean (Austronesian)

Nogai (Turkic)

Palauan (Austronesian)

Persian (Indo-European)

Rapa Nui (Austronesian)

Salar (Turkic)

Samoan (Austronesian)

Shor (Turkic)

Southern Quechua

Sundanese (Austronesian)

Tagalog (Austronesian)

Tahitian (Austronesian)


Tatar (Turkic)

Tetum (Austronesian)


Tongan (Austronesian)

Turkish (Turkic)

Turkmen (Turkic)

Tuvaluan (Austronesian)

Tuvinian (Turkic)

Uyghur (Turkic)

Uzbek (Turkic)


Visayan (Austronesian)

Yakut (Turkic)

1 point


Equity is fairness, impartiality. Thus, equity is not the same as equality.

Giving Mr Jones who owns three million-dollar companies, welfare payments of £30 a month, and giving James Bonham who works down the mines for £3 a week, welfare payments of also £30 a month: that is equality. Equity is to give to Mr Bonham a fair wage and better welfare, and to recognize that Mr Jones is rich enough he doesn't need welfare payments at all.

1 point

Equity is not the same thing as equality. Try again trollface.

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