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RSS Wolfbite

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2 points

Take really stupid quotes from their messiahs, say it was said by Palin, wait until they are done making a few snobby comments, and then watch their facial expression change as you tell them who actually made the statement.

Or you could just laugh at them. Nothing pisses off a liberal more then when you cannot take their "superior" ideas seriously. This will prompt them to engage in their most common way of arguing(name calling) and will give you even more enjoyment.

1 point

More like "undocumented immigrants", but they the euphemisms just keep on coming.

1 point

They just put the Conservatives back into power, I guess their version of hopey and changy wasn't working out for them.

1 point

...And this entire side was just downvoted, thus proving Joe's point.

1 point

I'll have to agree one this one, most of my arguments that receive downvotes are the ones where my view is conservative.

1 point

Most of those women are not really liberals, they know nothing about liberalism and just address themselves as liberals because it's fashionable.

Besides, implants and plastic surgery is hideous.

1 point

It really depends on what you consider a hate crime to be. A lot of what the Muslim community is getting rather pissed off at seeing people taking their book into question and want to be shielded from any criticism. To that I say fuck 'em.

Just because they refuse to address the bullshit in the Koran does not mean that they rest of us should not.

1 point

The policy Ronald Regan and Margreat Thatcher in England put up for the international financial system is the reason you have no money now.

How so?

Ronald Reagan was possibly the second worst president you have ever had

Who is the worst?

2 points

It was never people acting out against health care reform, it was how much government involvement would be added that people had issues over. According to Ramussen about 55% want it repealed.

As for your link, "In the latest three-day rolling average, 83% of Democrats, 47% of independents, and 14% of Republicans approve of the job Obama is doing as president. Over the course of the prior week (March 15-21), the president averaged 81% approval among Democrats, 43% from independents, and 13% from Republicans"

That's not exactly much of a jump. The 4% increase in Independents is rather interesting but seeing as approval tends to change by a few percentages a day and it still falls within the margin of error it does not mean all that much.

2 points

As for the infant mortality, I don't see where you got this information. I don't have a link.

My apologies, db23.htm

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