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1 point

You mean like 7 liberals on the Supreme Court who said privacy is a constitutional right? Even though the constitution doesn't mention it at all. Or even implies it in the least. You seem to like the idea that liberals can make up whatever they want in the constitution. Like this.


Boy, there is a stretch, and I am being kind with the way I phrased that. I like judicial review when they follow it correctly and not make up whatever they please.

1 point

Cruel is subjective. Unusual is objective. What does modern statistical trends have anything to do with it. Slavery was not cruel or unusual for centuries. It was an acceptable practice. Times change. If people think the death penalty is not cruel and unusual then it will continue. If people think beheading criminals is not cruel, and then it is done enough times, then it will become acceptable.

But then again all it takes is 5 liberal Supreme Court justices to do away with ANYTHING that the will of hundreds of millions of Americans who find something acceptable.

1 point

Incredible! I have been saying this for a long time. If you keep doing something over and over, it no longer becomes unusual. You hit it right on the head. Good for you!

zico20(345) Clarified
1 point

Making enough money to sustain a comfortable and enjoyable life.

0 points

God being responsible for evolution is the most logical conclusion one can draw. Just think about it. Nothing, and I mean nothing in the natural world is perfect EXCEPT evolution. How do I know evolution is perfect? Easy, every time someone brings up a flaw or questions how this or that could happen, there is always an explanation that can't be disputed. It happens on this board and many others. Evolutionists have the answer to everything. The fossil record is perfectly set up, the "tree" is absolutely perfect from single cell organism to human beings.

Also, all 10 million or so species have a perfect explanation as to how they came about and how they survived. Body parts all came into existence perfectly. I can go on and on. The only reason humans are here after almost 4 billion years is that God guided the system to perfection.

I know all the evolutionists on here agree with me that the process is perfect. I myself have made numerous inquiries as to the perceived problems with evolution but each and every time someone on this board has come up with an answer that evolution is beyond flaws or problems. You can't even question weather evolution is the only possible answer or you are called ignorant and stupid or delusional, etc.

Since evolution is perfect then God exists, since perfection can't be achieved except through God. If evolution has problems it has never been discussed by the people who believe in it on any message board.

1 point

Why would we want to ruin a great, conservative state like Nebraska by moving the capital there. Too many liberals would arrive and start screwing it up. On the bright side, Virginia would go back to being reliably Republican again. No, the best idea is to move the capital to Michigan, Wisconsin, or Minnesota.

1 point

It depends on which two countries, who is more powerful, and the distance between them. But I would try negotiating first.

1 point

When you align yourself with every country on the planet who opposes the US I can easily make a case for Chavez being hostile towards our government.

Your right, I have no concern for their people. The USA has enough problems here at home to address.

0 points

Great day for the USA as far as foreign policy is concerned. One less outspoken, pro Cuban, pro Iranian asshole gone from this world. Lets go for the trifecta and get rid of the Castro boys.

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