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The options are plenty atleast a single can have these two options ;if the first idea strikes a married then of Course,he can't go and have drinks all night and fuck a girl;Single is way better

I have more brains than balls which makes it all clear;I always listen to my head

Well if the bed sheets resemble something of a shroud then probably there would be a force of repulsion between the ghosts and the bed sheets which might save you.

Well in 24 days,above 6000 points at that rate of 255 arguments per day well he will set an unprecedented tone and will be remembered for his infamous"one-off "points;maybe another one and a half month

Yeah I would too as well but the thing is they live too deep in the Afghan desert

That "ice age" would be in the arctics not in the Caribbean;even the temperate altitudes would see an immense rise in temperature in 2030

Child control is very much required to counter the high rate of indiscipline amongst the teens;Gun control is needed amongst the Talibans

Well he hooked up a bag of times and dates and selected one of them on the basis of probability

Well there's nothing wrong in showing some charity,they're only to clear Greek off their debts.

EXACTLY MATE,123 million floating houses after swaying for months in the deep blue ocean would finally face the fury of hurricanes later on in winter

Well if everybody's floating and rolling,the limiting friction might be less but gain as the cliche goes"Rolling stones gather no moss",likewise floating states wouldn't receive much sunshine and betterment if they keep on floating

Well with those 15 top billionaires listed by Obama (like the France's richest woman,the owner of Ferrero Rocher)you expect them to clear Greece off their immediate burden.

Traditional meaning yeah,it has it was prescribed to be a happy ceremony but has turned out to be a solemn affair,especially with so much of infertilisation and divorces

Yeah that's why they are Muslims and the rest are different,you get many options some might name a band "holy crap"

I've to disagree ,to be honest with everyone ,today everyone wants to be single for most are aware of the turbulence of family life and so they prefer to live alone and engage furtively in such activities

I mean to say 'any' trouble,"I don't want no trouble'' isn't right, you can't have any trouble

You should've been working in the NSA or probably IBM,what's you doin' on this site,real brainy yeah that's why I recommend you to give TOEFL.

It's brilliant Jolie,absolutely brilliant real brainy,but there's some grammatical mistake in what you and Megan Trainor say 'I don't want "no" trouble'

It's quite easy to understand for they are infidels and so as to make sure they also have some beliefs they say they believe in aliens,actually the infidels suffer from self-contradiction, so they don't know what to believe and what not

Well again this debate gets a lot of points when it comes to fun and humor otherwise well nope,this gum shouldn't be swallowed

Yeah they sent waves of panic through the tectonic plates causing more obliteration than earthquake.

2 points

No absolutely no,it's the collision of geographic plates under the surface which've caused the tremors and has least to do with Global Warming.Besides,there's more chances of these tremors in the hilly terrains so not a big surprise.Nepal has several weak Earthquake zones,one close to their capital.

Well more specifically the South-West Asia and the Gulf states,nobody's willing to retreat,one other you've hejbollah and the other extremists and on the other the Iraqi forces,well that's basically wrecking havoc,forcing the homeless to go deep into shelters,killing thousands at will and families are gettin' scattered.Already the painful heat of Summer and on top of it,blood-shedding.

Quite witty never thought so,and I'm pretty sure the Ebay people would like your comment.

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