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Exactly! Democrats always deny what they support until they think there are enough voters to come out of closet whether it be the anti gun closet, or socialist closet, etc.

Bernie Sanders, the admitted Socialist is getting more votes than anyone else in the Democrat Party. That says it all!

FromWithin(8241) Clarified
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There might be some truth to what you are saying, but it does not detract from the reasons why we have the electoral college.

Imagine what these politicians in Congress would be doing for the less populated States? They would not even bother setting foot in the smaller States.

The laws they pass would ignore the voice of people living in less populated States.

We've all heard the words taxation without representation. The popular vote would give a whole new meaning to those words.

You are confusing me responding to rational debaters and responding to phony fools like you.

Why would I waste time debating vulgar children creating non stop fake accounts?



Well said.............................................................................................................

LOL, IGNORE......................................................................................................

FromWithin(8241) Clarified
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How much work have you done digging up all the corruption from Obama's past? After doing so we will talk.

FromWithin(8241) Clarified
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LOL, thanks for proving my point. You've got NOTHING but dredging up unproven gossip from the past. It has nothing to do with this President and these insane Impeachment scams.

Obama had ties to a known terrorist Bil Ayers! No one cared! He got a Nobel peace prize!


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If you are so blind to what the Democrat Party has been doing to Trump since his inauguration, then there can be no intelligent debate with you.

They have been trying to impeach him since his very first day in office. There are many news videos showing the proof of their hatred for Trump from first day! They never accepted the results of the election.

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Now that we know Trump is a work horse and a very intelligent person, many will vote for him who were afraid before.

What amazes me is the people who voted for corrupt Hillary. They should have feared her much more!

Every year, the Democrat Party leans more to Leftist extremism. They forgot what America was founded on.

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Hey fool, nobody wants terrorists killing women and children all over the world. When these barbaric animals stay in their own country, we will do the same. Now go climb back in your terrorist hole!


Listening to Iranian rhetoric is like deja vu with America's Democrat fake news network.

They will spew the most ludicrous distortions of the truth, and mindless Muslims actually believe it.

It has been Iran pushing their anti American hatred, shooting down our drones, bombing our people, attacking our embassy, and then when we respond, these fools act like they are surprised!

Lying and deception and fake news are all part of the Left's strategy. Low end voters actually believe them. I guess American low end voters are very similar in mindset to Muslims who allow Kings and dictators to rule them with an iron fist.

Yes, no Muslim nation should ever have a nuclear weapon because they would use them to try and wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, as they have all vowed.

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Yes, we all know you lack the most basic of humanity. More selfish depravity from a choicer.

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To the lying fool trying to make excuses for his barbaric inhumanity, do you have any idea how rare it is for a mother to die during childbirth in modern society?

There are higher risks for crossing the street.

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After showing you for the fool you are, you double down and use the rape excuse!

Newsflash, the GOP has tried to compromise and give the Democrat Party all their extreme case abortions, even when they are late term, and STILL the Democrat Party said no!

You have the nerve to wonder why you are banned?

Try admitting you support all abortions and stop acting the complete moron!

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This nation truly needed Trump to beat the corrupt Liberal Hillary Clinton, and we did it!

Trump is everything our nation needed. He's a miracle!

We have never seen any politician so fearless of this biased Progressive fake news.

He does not fear their fake words. They are besides themselves seeing how weak and helpless they are against him.

He has shown America how the biased media is in bed with the Democrat Party.

The voters have finally come to their senses.

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This is all Dmocrat obstruction.

There is absolutely 100% no way the Senate would impeach Trump. The House of Representatives did not get one Republican vote for their charade of a coup attempt.

I can't wait for Trump's re election and watching fake news, Democrats, and Feminists screaming once more.

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Just remember that these Progressive hypocrites have no problem calling Conservatives the D-word (deplorable), the I-word (irredeemable), etc. etc.

This must be the reason they started their new Progressive alphabet of words... LGBTQ.......

They needed more words to describe the next unnatural abnormal sexual orientation of the month.

A person that tells me to rot in Hell is going to preach about what it is to be a Christian?

Get off debate sites!

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