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Super Heroes are fictional characters and thus, are not a reasonable example.

Dudes jacked up on steroids usually scare chicks away.

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Ignorance can cause someone to become apathetic because they're ignorant of thing(s) that would interest them.

Neither..both can cause the other...

o.0 I'm Trypophobic(didn't know what it was until now). Just don't look at the hole. :)

The penis and vagina are both more hygienic than the rectum.

Not if I only wash my rectum and never my penis and vagina.

I thought you were against poor people procreating...and now you want to fuck them?

The action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism:

he had been depressed since the death of his father

My dick.

My Sexy Muscles.

My ability to make women have orgasms just by gazing into their eyes.

They are skanky hoes with no morals and will rob you as soon as you fall to sleep.

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It looks like a naked dodo bird.

It's a lie. It's on the g string, not in it.

I always walk around with my headphones around my neck to produce this effect.

It goes along perfectly with my mysterious aura and aloofness.

When I enter a room in slow motion, with "Careless Whisper" by George Michael playing, it make da womenz wet their pantiez and makes others wonder "how the fuck does he do that?".

It definitely makes life much more interesting.

I'd just ask. If I get a yes, then I get to comeback. If I get a no, then I get to comeback.

If I do it without permission, then I'll most likely look like a creep, be banned and maybe get prosecuted for sexual harassment.

Haha! I lasted 1min. Win.

Eeeeeeee!!! I knew it was possible!!!!

2 points

Everything is real, silly. :D

His point was, that the Gays would die so soon, that the adopted kids would be put back up for adoption anyway.

Intangible(4934) Clarified
1 point

Ok so the immunodeficiency virus will go airborne.

AIDS becomes more widespread. And wil eventually become strong enough 2 go airborne.

Can you not come up with your own jokes?

That's s stupid song.

So da problem is da people not da site.

An interdimensional rift tears open and sucks everything inside.

Dat sounds dangerous. What if it explowds???!! 0.0

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