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Militerized activism has led to make pursuit of each person 1000 times worse, yet somehow twisted propaganda falsely portrays this intolerance as good.

Propaganda has militarized activism by appealing to target groups to target a free thinking free will society. And used activism like a war machine!

The unpopular thought I challenge all to consider; you have to ask what is fair and tolerance for all, not what is fair for one? What is freedom to influence compared to force of influence?

Is it tolerant to silence freedom of influence?

And isn't it intolerance to force silence of influence by discussion debate or challenging thoughts?

So then why is intolerance defined by silencing dialog to influence? And why is force of intolerance called tolerance?

Somehow all others in society became this generations enemy. And they subdued many with the strategy used to accomplish their intended outcome.

Some of that is based on a natural generation gap. We didnt get our parents, they didnt get theirs. But in past there was still honor in stepping aside and honoring someone else's rights and freedoms too among the general populous.

What is missing in this militarized infused movement regarding these violent politicized hostilities? Isnt a respect for everyone else missing?

It is a reasonable consideration that its possible this generation along with others steered by the same propagaganda are infused using hot button views that are militantly charged.

It is as if all these issues are charged with explosives and aimed against the rights and freedoms of those who understand boundaries which safely and honorably promote self evaluation free thought which leads to free will. fighting against a silencing that I'm pretty sure there was not a reality to demand as the propaganda has led others to believe.

The rights and freedoms you all have been militantly charged regarding, all of them are not rights and freedoms. These are divide and conquer and force to comply movements you all are trained to support. And if the Bible is correct this is exactly the characteristics of the final generation.

See we never had a problem with gays or race. There were pockets of places. But these things are orchestrated.

And it's designed by world political agenda in agreement by left liberal to push us into one world government and also a one world suppression of free thought faith to only accept controlled thought faith.

And thats end times stuff.

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Yesterday, Dec 23 rd was most likely a very significant day in end times prophesy regarding the time of Jacob's trouble in the "latter days."

Re: UN regarding Israel.

Jeremiah 30:6-8

6 Ask ye now, and see whether a man doth travail with child? wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in travail, and all faces are turned into paleness?

7 Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob's trouble, but he shall be saved out of it.

8 For it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord of hosts, that I will break his yoke from off thy neck, and will burst thy bonds, and strangers shall no more serve themselves of him:


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The end of the book is at the end of the 1000 year reign.

Satan and Gog will be let out for a short time.

So Im not sure if we will need a written book.

The Holy Spirit is a part of us. So He will remain within us.

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And the Jews are looking for His 1st coming.

It happens to be the same time we are looking for His 2nd coming.

Which we know is the same event.

This is the 1st time to the best of my knowledge that we were saying ghe same thing. That is odd, very odd!

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Its mind blowing that the Jews also are on alert for Meshiach's coming.

So as they look at it through eyes of Old, we look at the same thing from the New.

Wow! He is coming! And both sets of Gods people are looking at the same thing.

I never saw it before. So the Old Testament guys are coming to the same conlusion. Uh oh!

Wow! This takes it to a whole nother level.

They are on the verge of realizing the Messiah.

Exciting! In the end we are joined as one people. This is the time of full circle completeion.

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I never saw it before. So the Old Testament guys are coming to the same conlusion. Uh oh!

Wow! This takes it to a whole nother level.

They are on the verge of realizing the Messiah.

Exciting! In the end we are joined as one poeple. Yhis is the time of full circle completeion.

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Its mind blowing that the Jews also are on alert for Meshiach's coming.

So as they look at it through eyes of Old, we look at the same thing from the New.

Wow! He is coming! And both sets of Gods people are looking at the same thing.

I never saw it before. So the Old Testament guys are coming to the same conlusion. Uh oh!

Wow! This takes it to a whole nother level.

They are on the verge of realizing the Messiah.


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Naaa Old people are just honest, they outgrew caring what others think. I must be ancient! 😅

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I see it vividly. He is. ........................................................................

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It reveals the birth of creation through travail. And that birth is making all creation born again. Like those who turn to Him.

That is Christ being revealed. As His Kingdom replaces the kingdoms of the world.

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I never said Obama is the last sitting President. And

you may not have a warning in the end.

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Pretty much you choose whatever you want. He won't be surprised. It doesnt dismiss your accountability to decide.

Someone knowing your choice doesnt excuse you for your "nonchoice" you nonchoice is a choice of denying Him.

Either is a choice and either one you do is your choice that you made.

You are always trying to be innocent by excuse. There is none.

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JW(s) literally added to the word to back their false doctrines.. You might as well say because West Boro Baptist is a freaky family cult, then the Bible is therefore unreliable.

If that is your measure then its both lazy and unreasonable.

Neither will excuse you. Blaming the falacy of others no matter who that is or how off they are, me included, does not dismiss your chsrge to seek Him and to study and pray for truth.

All it says is what you have slready said. You dont care.

Not caring stands alone. You do not care because you do not care. Not because others were mistaken.

Seeking truth is on the individual. Jesus already warned you would have to be connected to Him to make it through in truth.

You never received Him, yet you expect understanding in your natural mind. There is plenty to weigh in the natural mind to point you to truth. But the Spirit in you is required to be born again and to be led by Him into all truth.

If you dont care its on you. But please do not blame others. It wont fly when God holds you in contempt of His court and guilty under His law.

Christ came to save you. Bottom line.



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Any of these scenarios could happen.

But in one way or another it is going to happen.

Jesus is coming, the Day of the Lord is a replacement with His Kingdom and reign through wrath and destruction as events unfold leading to the climax, the revealing of Christ.

Events leading to this are somewhat non- descript. But somethings are revealed and signs are descript.

As I said before, those led by the Spirit walk in His revelation. Prophesy is not predictions or card reading.

Revelation unfolds and those who are His recognize the revealings as they unfold. We may only be one step ahead of that reveal.

Like Hebrews led in the wilderness we move when the the cloud by day or fire by night moves.

We know it is now. We know many of the players. Because they are being identified as signs throughout the time of revealing.

Like the Bible says "we know and prohesy in part."

1 - Obama is I believe Gog. The Iran deal itself could ignite ww3.

And his continued notoriety as a past president still continues in influence like other presidents have.

2 - A disaster could occur, and all those wonderful executive orders can bite us! And could force a third term

3 - Hillary and the left are screaching like demons in fight and holding up the electoral with force through puppets like Jill Stein, who curiously condemned the thought of Hillary prefering a despised Trump in her book.

Gain for her motivates over her better judgment. As is the way of the deplorable. If that happens well any appointments will lend to one world order. "Hilo Hitler" fatal wound healed.

The spirit of the same. With Obama snug in control with popularity and the whore of Babylon, and everything under her skirt.

4 - Obama could re-run in four years. And still popular, win against sitting Pres Trump.

5 - The rapture could occur, and those left behind take back their march to the one world order. Standing with Obama and Hillary and the forces of the world marching to a one world order is the mark of the damned.

Through tribulation people who are lost sheep blinded will see what they did not see. When the mask is removed it will be resisted and cost them their lives in order to gain their lives. Because they were deluded they will be seated at the wedding feast last.

Demanding in the street to be first and fighting a battle in the world for the things of the world, will make them last because they demand to be first.

That is why I warn the Christian who is lostvin these attitudes of bitter roots and violence. God is opposed to them. Its every sinnful attitude Christ said not to have. Unforgiveness, covetousness, bitterness, violence, hate, murder... and every evil thing.

Children led astray will be disciplined through the Great Tribulation. The others who are not His sheep led astray, it will condemn them.

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I never said he was the last sitting president.

I do not agree with that.

I do not listen to those prophetic videos that are doomsday dating. My test of prophesy is, does the word reveal Christ.

Most doomsday videos focus on doomsday without revelation of Christ.

God's prophet would be a revelation of Christ in every way.

Revelation by its definition in the beginning of the Book of Revelation is a Revelation of Christ, NOT of "doomsday."

It's a revelation in every way of Him bringing all things under subjection and bringing His Kingdom to replace the rule of the world and its nations. And the meek inheriting the earth.

The test of all prophesy is this: Is it a revelation of Christ?

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Its not that you cannot change the outcome. The outcome is foreknown is quite different than orchestrating outcome.

Basic time travel rules would apply.

Orchestrating events with some of the foreknown vessels of dishonor, is taking what is known, and using it by design for His purpose is not a dismissal of free will.

It is like knowing scraps of wood that are discarded are not part of what is built, but as scraps that are going to be tossed already because they are already known to be discarded, and using those scraps for other designs and purposes.

You do not know your final answer even, but He does.

If you are concerned or sensitive spiritually you may be one of His. Each should work that out if they care to. If not, then they may not be His as is already foreknown.


Apply rules of time travel. He is God and knows the end of all things. If we mess with the timeline we mess up everything.

But He does not. He is final and only "Time Master!"


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Really wouldnt God speak where ever people are?

As the flood of deception is poured out, dont you think He would bring light to shine to draw people from deception?

Dont His people use the internet? Are only the Almish His people?

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We usually give up on things we dont see as important. ............

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The bible doesnt predict. It reports events before they occur.

The point is we can look back at what has happened and see a prewritten record. Which is a way God confirms He is, and His word is true.

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Why? ....................................


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Yes Nostradomous was full of crap. He was influenced through tbe dark side. And that is why things he wrote were mercky and hazy.

The Bible is clear in pre-written history. Like in God's word named Cyrus by name 200 years before his rule. And Cyrus did exactly what God's word said he would do. Let the Jews go to rebuild their temple.

So 200 years prior, a prophet named the actual name of a ruler that wasn't even in the Jewish control as in a Jew descendent.

Cyrus was named, he was a Persian ruler. So for the Jewish Prophet to identify him 200 years earlier is not hazy or mercky.

Its crystal clear and accurate and also it was without ability to minipulate for its outcome.


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You dont care what you believe so that doesn't surprise me.

Why would you care to confirm a Biblical view of religion that claims to use the Bible as it's source.

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So 144000 Jews are already there? Thats not many from Adam. Or did that many get saved after Jesus came?

So then what does Ezekiel 38 and 39 refer to?

But all Christians are not martyred are they? So how is the multitude all the Christians?

So if the beast was Nero, who were the popes of Catholocism?

And who is Gog? And the woman?

Now I could bomb you with "latter days scriptures old and new testament and ask you to apply them" They would misplace your answers here, because there are specific latter days prophesies that define much of the Book of Revelation causing order issues and make your thought process look like many puzzles with missing pieces thrown together, that do not at all fit together.

I recommend you do a study on prophesies specific to ladder days and last days. If you are interested.

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His word says this. Not once twice three times four times but more etc... you can believe what you want. But its not Biblically founded when its in clear contradiction of the Bible.

2 Peter 1:21

for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.

Hebrews 4:12

For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

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