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My friends do that to me all the time. Then I ask them "What evidence is there to prove hell exist", then they feel super shame

BULLSHIT!! There's no such thing as "The Right Thing to Do".

WTF!!!! Lt me guess, everyone should forgive Sadam Hussein and Mao Zedong for what they did tf

George Washington. The Son Of a Bitch defeated Britain (With the help of France and Spain) to gain our independence. He pretty much started this COMMINIST country.

Loot Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Cosco, or Giant Eagle. Hell loot all of them. Then take all the stuff you looted underground.

The chicken had cat like intelligence, and wanted to explore the world.

No I don't, I just mentioned it dude. Plus it's just dumb.

All those female Ponies and no lesbian sex, that's weird.

Cruelly Silver Surfer controls matter. Everything contains matter, even organisms. Surfer will just tun hulk into a Marshmellow.

Actually, Batman, Superman, And Goku are the greatest Superheroes of all time. Silver Surfer, Thor, or Dr. Doom can go back in time and stop the Gamma accident.

Meet billy. He's 6 years old. He has very high hopes for Halloween. And guess what, it's know October.

He's know at the store. His mom ask him what he wants to be.

He says " I WANT TO BE A PRINCESS!" His mom says NO!

Because he's a boy. It'll be the same thing when a girl wants to be be the Hulk. Her mom says NO because she's a girl.

That's gender discrimination. Your son can't watch My little pony because he's a boy. It's very live and well.

Pink is the natural color of a Human vagina. Last time I checked I was released up of my Kim's vagina in order to be born.

Also the best feeling in the world (Sex) comes from a Vagina.

Also A lot of hot girls in my school like pink.

Your a Fuckface. Not everyone should be raised to be heterosexual. I guess raising a child with two parents is brainwashing. Just like raising a child to be Christians. Your killing their freedom of religion rights and not allowing them to discover religion and guidance in their own, which is worse than having two parents.

Just like God told Abraham to kill Isaac, and last time I checked Killing is a way worse sin than being homosexual. So what's your fucking point. And also, the assholes who written the bible were homophobes.

Sorry, that's a. Smiley, I didn't know what that meant.

Plus I have an evil/ strange sense of humor

What??. WTF are you typing about. I just don't understand any theme your trying to present dude, I'm not dissing you, but I'm confused.

Oh I never suspected Birth to be like a giant bowel movement. Primates are confusing.

I'm a Guy, and I have been Kicked in the Buts before. It hurts like Naraka. But I' wasn't born a female, so I would never know how Birth Feels. My Mom tells me it feels like somebody ripping your legs apart.

WHAT NARAKA Is THIS? IF YOUR HANDICAPPED your handicapped. This country looses it's democracy everyday.

Last time I checked this is a Country of democracy. Who cares if the parent are the same sex. That doesn't matter, the way they treat the children matters.

A lot of the stories in the Bible are historically inaccurate. A lot of stories have no evidence of existence. Plus Christianity does sound like it's used to control people. If you don't worship "God" you pay the price of Eternal damnation. Sounds a lot like North Korea, if you don't worship the leader, you get brutally punished.

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Toooooouuuuuuucheee. You got a good point man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll the oldest Humanoid fossils are 6-7 million years old. Also Earth is 4.54 billion years old. And if everything was made 10,000 years ago we mammals wouldn't be here yet, also the world will be covered in Water.

That God needed 7 million years. If he is this creator he could have sped up the whole process.

Not in this time. But somewhere in the future. Maybe all the SuperPowers can come up with a project to go back in time.

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