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What? DId I do that ,, I like Lawn mowers with pull starts :P

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I always thought you wanted to be a proctologist


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I have worked for the same company for 28 years , things have changed. I see suck asses gaining positions these days to where q man's merit and work gained him in the work force. I do not play the political games.. But I am getting close to retirement. Also I have noticed that (HR) Human Resources are not for the employee any more.. they exist for the Company.. cant wait til retire ! SO my answer is no they don't care, because I see too many people kissing butt to gain...

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LOL Liberals suck willies ! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come and get me my Biotches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I do not need a Bull Shit ring of the Obama kind at all !

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