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I agree with everyone but Joe. ````````````````````````````````````


We all pay for things in the tax codes which we don't agree with and this must be one of the smaller measures of money I can think of. How about someone who has no children paying school taxes all through the years? It's all, or should be, for the greater good.

Hitting on someone doesn't mean the gaydar is simply means the person is attracted to the other. Gaydar usually works in my corner of the world and you just know.

People like things that are structured and the government is that. Imagine our country if each of us had to figure out our fair share of taxes without the charts to go by. We really have no idea how our government works and what they do in order to keep a well structured society in the land. It's a easy as 1-2-3. They figure stuff out and we pay for the thousands of things they have figured out for us in order to live successfully.

I've not seen this in women so much as I have in straight men. They ALWAYS think...well, if she just had the right man, she'd change her tune!

There's nothing wrong with keeping it there. I know our forefathers meant the conventional Christian God but it's not written that way on the currency. In God we trust...any God is implied!

That must be one of the most ineffective arguments I've ever heard!!! This has nothing to do with the all.

It minimizes it because it's not the same as the term marriage and it should be because that's what it is...a marriage! Why make it different from the git when it doesn't need to be. The differences are already built in because of the same sex aspects. Why go any further than that?

I don't know that I could expalin it in a whole bag of nuts but it is my understanding that no one will be uninsured and no one will be turned down due to pre-existing conditions and/or because they are already sick. I also understand that they are wanting to keep the cost of medications down but I do not know how they will accomplish that. I understand that if you like your present policy you may keep it and it can travel with you if you are employed elsewhere.

Oh, now there's a good reason for not letting them get married!!!

One thing we have learned is that if you inject an animal with anything in great amounts that it will, in all liklihood, die!

There is no reason to have a government subsidized airport there based on the amount of passengers it carries on a daily basis.

There's no reason for a downvote on this! We were asked a question, I answered it appropriately.

Let us at least hope it has tarnished it well enough so it begins to become extinct!

For the age old reasons of greed and jealousy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

...and if Rebpublicans had any manners there wouldn't be any of those left either. Do you think for one second that had the President been white, such an outburst would have occured?

It doesn't but do you truly believe straight people won't have the same problem if the wording was ever changed? Gays, as you put it, wouldn't be welcome in that club either!

So did countless others when they passed the desegregation acts in Congress. They weren't wanted either but they broke the glass ceiling on that after many, many years of fighting for equal rights. Gays must also fight for their rights and one day, whether you like it or not, they will have them. You don't skirt the issues, you meet them head on.

His words certainly do not appeal to the heart...he's just rude! "It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To." It is not the way to act in a Town Hall meeting or any other type of gathering where the people meet with their representatives. All questions should be fielded whether they're opposed to your views or not.

I disagree is about benefits but all manner of such. It's mostly about human rights and there should be no line of distinction drawn whether a person is striaght or gay. It is also about the love that exists between two people and therefore one wishes to be certain that the proper rights are included in their relationship. A relationship of great longevity can go awry in the end without the necessary 'contracts' and benefits you speak of and that is just not right nor is it fair to either party.

They try to point out how radical their views really are by comparison to the people's wishes. Sometimes they do call names but not to the extent they would have you believe.

Well maybe just a little! ```````````````````````````````````````

Sure, let me get busted for MJ possession and I'll gladly take the 100K to pay off my bills and live crime free. Sounds like a fair exchange to me!

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