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The point of banning it isn't that the ban works. The more people we can lock up the more cheap prison labor there will be. Also everything around maintaining prisons is private, so it will benefit them as well.

Society is preferring values of empathy that are typical of females. Paternal authority demands that the man steps in and assertively makes the distinction between them and us: "Son, those drug dealers bad" Therefore legitimizing further his position as the brave guardian of his family. Recent developments in society have corroded this 1950's ideal.

The law is also fundamentally kick ass, especially when paired with tough sentencing. There is nothing like the face off between the lawful police man and the rebellious, unscrupulous young man.

The black market is an efficient way to distribute goods and services. They have been endorsed by the likes of Milton Friedman. It also adds to their pleasure, philosophical and psychological meaning. Now who would use drugs if they were illegal? Legalization fails the ABAP-test - as baller as possible.

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