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I think so. I've always heard that a smile is contagious, so, I think laughter is contagious.

I have read some good reviews about the improved camera on the iPhone 6s. There is a front camera that has an improved 5 megapixels for taking great selfies and the camera on the back has been increased to 12 megapixels. Also, you can shoot 4K videos with this phone.

A speaker cannot rule without listeners. There were millions of listeners to Adolf Hitler and they were just as guilty as he for the horrors that happened.

My nickname beginning in Grade School and continuing throughout college and still today is "Casper."

A person is born Gay just in the same way that a person is born Straight.

A person has the right to offend but with strings attached, i.e., not using violence toward another person and refraining from hate speech directed toward another individual.

I think so people can keep Kleenex inside of them for when the time comes to sneeze.

There are different types of Gays, so, one must be careful to avoid stereotypes. There are "butch" Gays who like football games, wrestling, drinking beer with the guys, and going kayaking. Then there are the "Broadway" Gays who like the theater and worship Hugh Jackman. Then there are the "poodle" Gays that were made fun of with plenty of jokes during the 40's, 50's, and 60's and, sadly, still get ridiculed today with the "light in the loafer" remarks.

Then, there are Gay men who have "fag hags" who pretend to be Straight while they are married to a woman or are seen in the company of a woman in order to throw off the rumors that he is Gay. Incidentally, "fag hag" is an acceptable word in the Gay Community and is not viewed as offensive.

So, to conclude, "Gay" cannot be stereotyped into one category. Gays should all be respected for who they are.

It is essential. I make my own sandwiches and enjoy doing so.

Thank goodness that gun nut on the train was overpowered by the brave men because a horrible massacre could have occurred.

Lower taxes will be welcomed by everyone. Lower taxes help to stimulate the economy.

Reading is still important, however, teens prefer to read on their tablets or eReaders.

All the problems should be solved on Earth first. When those problems have been solved, then the exploration of Space can continue.

I think so. Obesity would be a disease such as alcoholism.

I think so. A person who holds someone on a plateau is going to end up being that idol's #1 fan.

It is now 2015. ObamaCare is not hurting the economic growth. ObamaCare is aiding the economic growth in this country because millions of folks are able to afford medical insurance.

The President does not violate the Constitution. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution.

This is just a guesstimate of mine but I would say 500 years.

I think Jesus answered to no one except to His Father. Jesus would not be the reincarnation of Adam.

No one was there to have witnessed what had occurred in the Garden of Eden, therefore, the salvation part is skeptical.

The Bible was written by fallible human beings, therefore, the Bible is prone to human error.

I wish I knew of a solution. Evil still persists. Terrible!

It is all in the mind of the beholder. If someone believes that Jesus is the Son of God, then nothing can take away that belief.

It is all in the mind of the beholder. If someone truly believes in this passage, nothing can take that belief away.

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