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2 points

I don't understand why it needs different lids. What the fuck is the product?

1 point

It's like watching those budget decorating shows on HGTV.

You can throw money at a wall and it will probably look tacky as hell. Or you can be frugal, think, and spend wisely for a simple a fresh decor.

1 point

An 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo cool! I love it, thanks Joe.

3 points

You can always unfriend someone, you can't unsex them....

1 point

I missed:

5. How many Republican senators voted to pass the health care reform bill in its vote on the Senate floor?


8. During the entire year of 2009, do you happen to know if there were more American military fatalities in:

Sorry? Now I'm going to have one last glass of wine and watch move Sunny reruns...

1 point

So the question is... would you tap that???.............

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No, it was just a joke. Although I do believe she's an attention whore.

I actually just got a chance to watch that video. So let me bring you back down to earth, here's what she said, "Look at my jewelry that I designed, I'm mad he didn't contact me, He had a lot to take on, I'm giving him a B- and a little more time, I might vote for him again, and he should have contacted me."

Now all in all, she feels the same way I do about him.

1 point

Yeah... I don't have much faith in the intelligence of Brunettes, anymore...

Blondes have more fun, and more brains.

1 point

Yes. But not this one.

I understand where CBS is coming from, and I understand that this ad could make a lot of males watching the superbowl with their friend's uncomfortable.

Another ad, sure.

1 point

I knew the world revolved around me... I just didn't know it's axis was so damn screwed up.

1 point

Because the last thing I need right now is a creepy old guy stalking me.

4 points

.... Just like at the standard Olympics. Athletes are bussed from their hotels to the venues... asshole.

1 point

I know! Christmas really saved my ass this month, financially!

The trick is to cry and throw a fit every time someone gives you a non monetary gift, every holiday, for 21 years.

1 point

Thanks Jake. No... the undying profession of love from my best friend and soulmate was the best gift ever.

PS. You still haven't replied to me in that other debate where you just downvoted my last argueement and quit.... are you a quitter, Jake?

2 points

Despite the fact that that is not how polygamy, infidelity or bisexuality work.........

I am for Polygamy. For very different reasons.

1 point

We are cohesive....

Your wife just pulled the short straw.

1 point

I'm like, 21.... remember?


1 point

lol, no :P It was a joke.

I don't even know the guys name.

2 points

I went to the Sam Diego league tryouts last year in PB!

Not to tryout, of course... I'd need boobage for that, but it was better than any other kind of football I've ever seen.

I'm all for this league, and maybe after a boob job I could give it a shot, myself.

1 point

Actually, I am on facebook, and I've already found and blocked you.

2 points

That sounds great! Congratulations.

I hope you bring your computer, otherwise you'll be missed.

1 point

Not to my knowledge. I've blocked people on Facebook. People who I didn't want to be able to see my photos or friend me.

1 point

Are you going on a trip?


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