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Just so you know, women don't shit blood. If she's shitting blood, it's hemorrhoids or some other dire medical condition. The blood each month comes from a completely different channel.

It comes from the ass, and you're a male - I don't think your argument is valid here, since you've never tried it.

When you say that the average woman gives birth to three children, that statistic is really so 1950s. According to the 2000 census, the average number of children is actually .9. So, you can see a lot of women aren't having children at all. So, if she's still using the Mama excuse for not getting ahead in the workplace, it's pathetic.

I looked up some statics, and it says that the average american family has 2 children. Where I live, the average family has 3-4 children.

In amish cultures the average children births are 7 :O) amazing right? :p

It's not pathetic to use mama excuse to not work if you ACTUALLY have children.

As you say, in a typical relationship the woman is most likely to stop her career and stay home with the kids. That's because it's socially acceptable for her to do so.

I know, what's your point?

When you're a woman, it's perfectly acceptable to be without a job at any point during your life. No one looks at you like you're a loser. If you're a man, even if you have plenty of money, women look down on you if you don't work.

That was kind of the point I was trying to make. I think it is pathetic. If I had a child, I would HAVE to stop working, just so my husband could keep his reputation. That is just wrong. Women should be able to go to work, while men stayed home, it isn't fair, that we always have to just stop our lives completely, while you live life.

I think most women look absolutely ridiculous the way they fix themselves up like whores.

We're not talking abot high school girls. Or i'm not.

Nor do I think smearing thick black shit around her eyes makes her look alluring. It makes her look like a clown.

How old are you? Have you seen women today? Little girls do that, not women.

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I don't eat much of it anymore, you know because of all the bad chemicals they've found in them.

But they taste like .. it's like a beaf. It's really dark meat.. or I don't know.

Some boil it and some fry it. We eat it with potatoes and the fat of the whale you know? it has a layer of fat first, then there's meat.

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None, I don't have a perfect body, but I watch what I eat.

The second and the third one maybe.

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WE, as in the house I live in does not have grass on the roof :)

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The typical excuse.

If I said something dirty, and someone complained (not that I complained before) And then I defended myself with: hey, I can't help it i am a woman... no one would take me seriously.

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you naughty little bastars :) ..............................

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What are you not against? .................................

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It's not that it's not a good plan.

I just wonder why you say there is two groups they have to fight.

The homophobic people in the government are usually religious. There is only one group you'll need to fight, it is the religious. Once you did that, .. there is nothing left.

I mean - can you give me an example of a man/woman who's against homosexuals getting married, who is not religious?

The only argument I can find that would support an atheist who's against homosexuals is 'they can't reproduce'.

But then they'd also have to be against women who reached menopause and women or men who are infertile getting married.

Also they have to be against all kinds of protection.

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Yeah, I googled debating site - this one popped up, and I thought what the hell?!

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I really like debating. I like fighting, with words as my weapon.

My friends do not share this 'hobby' or what you call it, so why not CD? :)

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We don't have grass on our roof.

You are ridiculously weird in a funny way :)

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Haha, what I meant was that men typically have to pay for the food.

Women tend to take care of the rest ;) but I grew up with that my dad cooked the food, and my mom cleaned up after him afterwards :p

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Well women have it rough of several reasons. But to chose from hipbone or pizza is not one of them.

Those are temptations, that you can easily ignore if you are a strong woman, and are serious about being healthy.

1. Women have it rough because every month we're shitting blood for a week.

2. The average woman gives birth to three children. When a woman has a kid, she will only with seriously hard work achieve a flat stomach again. A woman who've had three children - will probably never achieve it again.

3. Women are the most likely to be the weaker link in a relationship. Because of that men are naturally stronger than women, they are the most likely to be beaten up in a violent relationship.

4. In a typical relationship, when a couple has a kid - the woman is the most likely person to stop her career and take care of the child until it's old enough to enter kindergarten.

5. Even though most people say 'I dont care about looks, it is all about what is inside' - that is most likely a lie. I doubt that many men would date a fat, ugly dressed girl with pimples everywhere, undone hair with no make-up at all. I'm not saying no men would.

But even though men don't force us to look good, we think that we have to look good. It's in our nature to look good.

It's our constant obsession, and it is not a fun obsession. Especially when you like a woman, constantly see everything bad with your self.

Which brings me to number 6.

Women constantly see bad things with ourself.

We look in the mirror and we see the fat girl I described above. which tears down our self esteem.

I'm not saying that girls are living a horror movie, while men are in fantasy land.

Men have it rough too, but on seriously different levels than women.

1. Men are typically the figure who has to bring food on the table, it's in his nature, and if he can't achieve this, he will feel like a loser. Even though now days, the women usually participate in getting food, it is still in some ways the man's job.

2. Even though men have outer strength, women have a very larger amount of inner strength. A man can physically tear a woman down, while a woman can mentally tear down a man. The woman is usually the typical person to have the biggest vote on decisions they have to make together.

3. Men are extremely sensitive on a particular spot of the body. This can easily be taken as a weapon by the woman. Not only that. Having fun with friends, playing football or something is putting a man in constant danger of being hit in that very place.

I've heard that those pains can be worse than childbirth.

4. Some say, that if a single woman earns 800 amonth$, and a single man earns 1200$ - if they got married the man would have 0$ and the woman would have 2000$.

Women are typically the person in a relationship who takes care of how they spend their money and on what.

5. Since there are several more male school dropouts than female, this makes the average male IQ lower than a females. Which makes women the more clever gender on this earth. And that is not good for a man's pride.

With number 5 I want to say, that one of the greatest minds on earth were male, like Einstein, Isaac Newton and I could go on.

This argument has nothing to do with anything. I'm just really bored.

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Hahahaha ;b

No offense, I like mine better.

Even though 40-50% of all marriages ends with divorce, I like to .. at least have the dream in my head, that I am getting married without getting divorced.

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Another good definition (even though this one is perfectly true and awesome)

Definition of marriage:

Two people who love each other no matter gender, and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

When marriage finally is allowed between two females or two males, we can change it again to:

A number of people who love each other, no matter gender, and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

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Thank you :)

But I don't think it's anything to brag about :)

Everyone else I know can read it too so ;b

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I can read it without trouble :)

It's not that hard really - every dramaqueen writes like that, its fucking annoying.

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Chicken voting for McDonald's


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Is it normal to eat in public?

Because that's what the baby is doing, and it is illegal to not feed a baby.

So technically, your breaking the law by not feeding your baby if you're in public.

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I guess this is about prevention right?

I am for prevention - I mean, I'd rather take a pill than have a baby (considering I'm only 17, and about to start secondary school)

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I think, what the person meant with this debate is, that babies are made from sex right?

And sex is done by humans - so babies must be man made right - or ?

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It is man made - but life isn't man made, so I guess all natural.

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Okay then! Then he will only be remembered because of his skincolor.

That is kinda lame for a president.

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