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Yeah, no, you're right. I was thinking of someone who had gender reassignment surgery . . . which still doesn't make them a hermaphrodite . . . so I'm way off.

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If you loved dogs, but you were also equally fond of cats, would you want an ungodly mutilated amalgamation of the two?

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I've often wondered if we're experiencing the long lines of events that would lead to some kind of revolt. We are ever increasingly becoming disaffected with government, and we are learning more and more about how little our voice counts against the loud voice of corporations. Misguided wars, unending "theats" of terrorism, propaganda running rampant in government and the media. It seems, at times, that we are becoming more and more repressed by those in power. Historically when a people are repressed, eventually they push back. I just sometimes wonder if that's where we're heading.


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Is there something wrong with me if I see vaginas in two of the four photos?

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