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I do not remember what they were. With the unforeseen I was speaking onto the programs that have never been put into place. Foreseen would be for those that are in place and have failed or are inevitably going to fail. As you know the entire bill is approximately 2,000 pages. I was making a general statement, this isn't my area of study. I may be studying Public Health, but I am no professional when it comes to the study of Health policy or policy in general.

The seminar was the following:


(Presented by the UIC IHRP’s Center for Health Services Research

and the UIC Center for Pharmoeconomic Research)

“Will Health Reform Actually Reduce

Disparities and Improve Public Health?”

Harold Pollack, PhD

The University of Chicago

Professor, School of Social Service Administration

Faculty Chair, Center for Health Administration Studies

Co-Director, The University of Chicago Crime Lab

Dr. Pollack’s current research, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, examines racial and ethnic disparities in substance use disorders and in access to treatment services among low-income women.

I was at a very interesting seminar this past week on disparities in healthcare and if the current healthcare bill being proposed would deal with these issues. What stuck with me out of this entire seminar was one simple line.

While the actual act of passing the healthcare bill will be a grand victory, it will also end up being one of the greatest failures.

The point the lecturer made was that many of the programs being created or revamped have not been tested. Add this to the fact it was written in such a hurry and you've a cocktail of problems unforeseeable and foreseeable for the years to come.

I can understand we're you're coming, not on a personal level but from what my friends of a female friends tell me, from on personal comfort and also for style purposes, but I believe what the debate was going into was what looked better. (longest sentence ever, lol)

This is by far the best choice of the two. Let me divulge into the subject at hand. First off, G-strings leave nothing to the imagination. G-strings aka butt floss isn't the most attractive item. (as much as I love a wonderful butt)

Boy shorts on the other hand have this, I'm good but naughty persona about them. I love how they hang just below the curvature of the gluts. They also hold everything together quite nicely. They come in an array of colors. You can also have prints on them, which can have witty comments. (g-strings don't really allow the room for prints. )

The list goes on, but my vote is for Boy Shorts on Women.

On the second one...why does his head begin around on on his crotch?

I was just presenting an argument matched to yours. Hence if you're going do say I'm sure some do than the same applies to your original comment in which you stated that democrats engage in the activities you listed.

Moderate consumption does not lead to intoxication, hence the word moderate.

That may be true, but we all know that Republicans do tons of blow. (aka cocaine)

If you can agree with this, then I'll agree with your gambling, drinking, and smoking argument for arguments sake.

You do know that moderate consumption of alcohol is actually a good health move, right?

You would be surprised how much math would help you. Remember that math rests much in logic and reasoning. Being able to figure out a problem and create a solution is a much needed skill, plus if you decide to be in the FBI, CIA, etc they look highly and almost always to individuals with high scores in logic and reasoning. A police officer should be rigorously tested in logic in reasoning because of the high need to apply it in the real world.

Very well put. You're starting to sound like the talk on; is it night or just the absence of light. The darkness does not exist it is just an absence of something...ah ha, light

Ah ha! Thanks for giving me the key to my master plan on how to conquer the entire planet!

let me also add that "Industrial hemp has little in common with marijuana. While marijuana produces a high when smoked, hemp doesn’t. This is because the level of THC in hemp is below 1%. No THC, no high. As more people become educated of the benefits of hemp, there is more interest in examining its potential and legalizing it. Unfortunately, Federal anti-drug officials say that allowing such crops would create a slippery slope toward legalizing marijuana. Currently, the U.S. is the only developed nation that has not established hemp as a legal crop. Great Britain lifted its ban in 1993; Germany did so in 1996; and Canada followed two years later. The European Union has subsidized hemp production since the 1990s."

That's a real quote my friend. He really did.

You're really digging aren't you. ( I'm pretty sure you're being sarcastic but in the case you are not here goes)

I encourage you look to the privatization of the prison system and the inefficiencies of the current legal and jail systems.

Link #1

Link #2

Link #3

From the last link:


Country Total Prison Incarceration Rate (per Drug Offenders2 as proportion

Population 100,000 of national population) of total prison population.

Russian Federation 864,5903 606 ,3.5%

Australia 24,171 157, 10%

UK (England and Wales) 74,4526 141, 16%

Canada 36,0248 116, 28% (Federal Prisoners)

USA 2,131,00010 726, 23%

Best part from page: "Given the significant costs of incarceration as a way of reducing

drug problems, (in budget terms, but also in terms of the negative

impact on community relations, social cohesion and public

health), it is hard to justify a drug policy approach that prioritises

widespread arrest and harsh penalties for drug users on grounds of


You said 3/4 of a million people would be what the inmates shrank. I'm sorry but arrests does not mean they are in jail!

Most serious offense Percent of sentenced

State inmates

1995 2005

Total 100 % 100 %

Violent 47 53

Property 23 19

Drug 22 20

Public-order 9 8

From the dept Justice statistics. :

I do say it's ok to legalize a plant that has more benefits than downfalls. Also following the fact that it was legal prior to the 70's for more years than it's been illegal. (war on drugs is a joke and a huge waste of tax payer money in an attempt by many corporations to remain at the head of their game) In this time it would be a savior plant to this country. (not only as a cash crop but also in the advancements of botany and genetics) Let me also add that we currently Genetically modifying over 70% of the main cash crops (soy beans, corn, wheat, etc) in the US and of that number, 99% are modified to aid in herbicides and pesticides aka chemical based poisons. So if that's ok than why wouldn't this be?

I very much like how you put together this argument. I would also agree with you on the point that capitalism has much, MUCH, to do with the violence that we see today.

This is what happens when writers have nothing better to delve upon. I find this article, as much as my comment, completely useless to humanity.

I don't have facebook and I don't eat "fast food". Would I sacrifice facebook and a whopper for a more intelligent America? Yes, in a heart beat!

Dude, it's going to get overturned in court. This is just the media for you. They love juicy stories like this one.

It goes a little deeper than that.

I did read something really interesting the other day. It tracked the invention of contreceptives and it's correlation to the mind. Brings a great movie to mind: The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human. (Carmen Electra-enough said)

It's just with the advancements in technology, a lot of us old timers are forgetting what it was like to be young. And to think if we had the possibility of seeing or sending a nude pick at that age most would have said, Hell yeah!

The question is....can they be tried as adults?

It's official, our childhood innocence is quickly coming to an end. (I have no place to talk...My first experience with sex was at 15....) But I will say that I've seen a trend with drugs and sex in the last 5 to 10 years in high schools. I'd be curious to see if this hypothesis is correct.

Here is a list of articles I found:

(ps my search was for anylisis of sex and drug abuse and it was almost always linked to depression, my answer to that is; where are the parents? Link #1 )

better not to be this, but sadly it happens a lot more than we're willing to admit: Link #2

Link #3

I really don't agree with this one at all.

this one i just say duh!

Link #4

This takes into account African American children in urban settings: I say urban settings always promote increased sexuality. More people the more chance for it to happen.

It's just ignorant to think no one is. Until everyone becomes a robot, rasicm will exist. The distinction needs to be made though. Racism isn't evil, it's not good or bad. By making it bad or good you are promoting racism.

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