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As an Atheist, I believe that life is easier as I am not confined to a set of beliefs or rules. I am free to do whatever I please, within reason, and not have to worry about 'sinning' or looked down upon by a God. I also don't have to visit a religious place of worship.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

^ I PROFOUNDLY apologise if the above statement has caused any offence to anyone. /sarcasm

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If someone wants to take a picture of themselves, then let them take a picture of themselves. Many social networking sites require a profile picture to be displayed so sometimes it is necessary to take and use a selfie for the profile picture. I, for one, take selfies for display purposes and not for 'fun'.

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I am an Atheist and I say 'Oh my god' rather frequently. I still have self respect. I believe it's just become an automatic response phrase to exclaim one's surprise to something rather than it having any religious meaning behind it.

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No, masturbation is not wrong. It is a completely natural thing to do and most people, men and women, do it. It has its health benefits and is a great way to relieve yourself.

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When I hear the word 'hot dog', I automatically think of a sausage stuffed in a bun. When I hear the word 'sandwich', I automatically think of two pieces of bread with a little something in between them. There is CLEARLY a difference between a hot dog and a sandwich.

That's like saying, 'Let's call chicken 'fish' because they're both meat.'

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I believe that money CAN buy happiness. For example: if there was something you desired, you would use your money to buy it, right? Having bought that thing you wanted, you would most likely be happier than not buying it at all or not being able to buy it.

Also ask yourself this. Would you be happy if you were penniless? I certainly wouldn't. The thought of being bankrupt is a terrible thought. I can't imagine how or why someone would be happy with having absolutely no money. With no money, you cannot buy even basic necessities to survive.

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Yeah... WTF. I don't have anything to back up my claim, but I am sure a person's desire to eat something is mostly based on the food's taste. In other words, if it tastes good and is edible then it's going to be eaten no matter what colour it is. White, black or green.

Sure, appearance is going to play a role i.e the food in question should at least look appetizing if it's going to grab attention. But I REALLY fail to see how race or racism can be applied when it comes to chocolate.

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Depends on the definition of 'realistic'. In my opinion, video games are realistic today because of the stunning visuals and graphics created by today's technology which makes video games look as close to real life as possible. Video games in the 80s look VERY different to games nowadays.

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