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I'm not the one ignoring evidence and logic so...

That's all, here anyway.

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You are so right. The BLAH is actual evidence. Makes one wonder why you still adhere to all that nonsense known as religion.

Don't make this into another one of those "debates".

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I think you've got that figured out well enough... Why else would you be here so much?

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That's a good one!

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It's as if marriage is for those couples who don't trust each other (especially considering present day's laws, lawyers, contracts, and all other pointless crap)... Why the fuck are they together in the first place??? Because their parents went through the same mess? That's just... lame.

Not to mention the waste of money that goes to weddings. The wedding dresses don't even make the bride more beautiful - you cannot even really see her. Are you looking at her or her ridiculous white mess?

Just make a big party inviting all your relatives and family and friends, or just the closest ones, and have some comfortable fun (that is usually done from time to time anyway, so...).

There is one thing that is positive as a family. Same last name. So there wouldn't be any fuss over calling the children either Brick or Dummy.

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If the only thing keeping you together in a tough situation is a marriage license then you shouldn't be together in the first place.

True couples don't really have tough situations. You love and accept each other as you are and live happily together.

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Marriage is completely pointless. You either are with the person or you are not.

Rings, hate those things, so uncomfortable. I will never wear a ring. Unless its a Green Lantern ring...

I for one doubt very highly I will ever become "officially" married. There just is no point, it's useless.

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