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History has shown that no single nation, or league of nations, can take the world for itself.

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Although the age of great European empires taking the rest of the world would be more interesting than what we have today, nations shouldn't have their freedom to govern taken simply because another is stronger.

Also, the desire t become an empire has caused wars between imperial powers of epic scale, such as the WWI.

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every single major problem has improved since he took office

Once again you present no evidence of your argument, It seems you make up "facts" as fast as Obama himself.

How does it feel knowing that your grand kids are going to look at the tea party types someday and laugh at how blatantly delusional they were?

My grandparents will be too bust laughing at your hair.

You'll be a pretty funny joke

Maybe, but for now republicans have the majority.

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I still like my "giant nuclear turbo laser wall of utter death and authority" idea better.

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Obama is a victim of his own inexperience, lies, and overall stupidity.

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china can produce numbers, but the gulf wars proved that numbers are useless without quality.

Adding to that, they would never get to North America or Europe because they lack the naval or air power. a war with China would be quick and easy because bombing raids, missles, etc. would cause severe civilian casualties with their over-crowded cities.

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Yes, but this applies to todays liberals, if you were in, say, the early 1800's and a liberal you would stand for democracy, separation of church and state, etc.

But i do agree with you that their thinking is somewhat backwards.

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