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Oh you don't click on the "add link or embed video." Just put the desired link on a new line in your argument box. :)

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Which link? And what do you mean by "in there like that"?

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Ok ok here's real info about political resources on the web. Note how there is no use of tinyurl. :D

Online election resources

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Well, I guess that's the point of being rickrolled. (oops...I spoiled the fun for everyone else :x) At least I kept it decent (e.g. no goatse). =]

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haha veeery funny. -_- I thought this would be something serious, like the things on this list: The Top 10 Political Sites of 2008.

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As my uncle loves to say, "Keep women happy or you'll be miserable forever."

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No wood...that is, if the woodchuck is lazy. :)

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