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That is not the question. The question is "Is abortion something a woman does to her body or to some other living entity?"

We are not discussing the morality or the legality of the practice of the abortion, we are just accessing what it is.

You comment shows that even though you support abortion, you agree that it is not targeting her body as you describe the mother and the fetus as two separate organisms.

As for the fetus not being alive because it is not sentient, that is wrong. Life and sentience are two different things. Sentience is not one of the requirements of life, as described in any biology 101 class.

I thought we already had some.





those are just the ones i know of

Well can you blame him from sroming off. Get it.

Srom. I am typing this on ipad, so I have to deal with autocorrect.

It is a chemical reaction to the possibility of finding a good mate to mother your children. It is an instinctual response.

What else do you need to be convinced?

I guess your right, it just is too stupid to believe.

How is srom taking it?

I might believe it if Lizzie also says it is true, but I have not heard that yet.

Wait, shouldn't i be in on this then. I am one of the oldest members here?

It doesnt necessarily mean because we can read online news in the internet...



Shes hot, but i am more into brunettes

It is good for people starting out, but i would not enjoy it in the long term.

Nothing is hotter than a gamer girl with awesome breasts.

I'd warm her up, if you know what i mean. lol.

You never really know a person until you meet them in real-life. I do think see has some odd ideas about certain sexual topics however.

I think the head-bang works better.

I think she is a disgrace to the flag that she is standing before.

wardogninja(1789) Clarified
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I just graduated my senior year of high school.

In my school, you owned the identity of being a nerd. I consider myself a nerd, and i was welcomed at the jock table.

I agreed with the video up until they said that "nerds are ashamed to be called nerds". A true nerd is proud of his heritage.

I think we all would care to know when she starts to feel color, and judging from that material, it will be easy to tell when it does happen.

Just because my username implies that i am a canine ninja soldier does not make me any more so....


....Or does it?

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