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Alright, feminists, you've had your fun! You're now equal, and you can stop making very rude and sexist comments towards men.

If I said, "A woman can't multitask, but men can." I'd be fucking crucified.

No hope at all. They'll continue to live in there Michael Moore loving I'm-a-rich-white-boy-but-I'm-a-liberal mindset forever.

Absolutely not. Shooting anyone is a huge violation of common ethics.


They are males. There are many places where Burt and Ernie can get married. States, countries, etc. However I don't think they would be welcomed back on Sesame St.

That green trash can fucker would have a sign made "God hates fags".


Not very soon. Governments around the world are doing excellent jobs at suppressing the weak and promoting the strong.

Don't count on it.

Yes, they should get married. ----------------------------------

Wow, I thought it was my computer as well. Please freaking fix this CD :O

I couldn't agree more. Two wrongs do NOT make a right. America is above violence. Show them that peace is achievable.

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