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so the US is God? Sweet... .

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if by punishment you mean the deterioration of ht species then yes and no. Natural selection plays a very reduced role as we have very little conflict with predatory and disease related activities, however sexual selection will prevail in creating the most sexually attractive species if nothing else, because of the very few selecting factors to eliminate "unfit" indivduals.

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I've asked these questions before and alas the answer is this:

Evolution does not take the simplest route, or the most efficient, it only deals with the present, it has no foresight and no reason, it simply reacts.

People are the way we are because we are best suited for our environment, the one we create wherever we are.

xBetzy(123) Clarified
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The woman has a responsibility to take care of (and financially support) her offspring. She has a responsibility in the union/coupling that took place. She is not an unwilling victim.

I never said she was an unwilling victim, both parents have equal responsibility to any children that they bear.

If she can not afford a child and chooses to bring it into this world, she is completely neglecting the well-being of the child in question.

I agree, but now the child is there and you can't just abandon it you need to do the best with the situation at hand to ensure that said child grows up as healthy as possible.

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No, this completely neglects the well-being of the child in question. I don't care that you didn't agree to have an abortion or if you did, you have a responsibility to take care of any offspring you sire.

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