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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, check it's DNA ;)

Turkey Lives Matter ;)

As of this writing, Chicken has won the Duck of the Year Award and ran for office in California ;)

A Platypus swims up to a flock of waddling ducks.

Platypus: Hey guys, mind if I join your little group here?

Duck: Uh..., you're not a duck.

Platypus: What do you mean? I have duck bill, web feet and I lay eggs.

Duck: That doesn't make you a duck.

Platypus: I identify as a duck.

Duck: So?

Platypus: So, you're a Platypusphobe?

Duck: Oh, so now you're a platypus?

Platypus: Well..., everyone changes their affiliation based on convenience. I bet if you were a turkey on Thanksgiving, you would claim to be a duck.

Duck: No one does that.

Turkey: Hey, guys! What's happening?

Duck: What are you doing here?

Turkey: What do you mean? November is right around the corner and I figured I get an early start and join my fellow ducks.

Duck: Yeah, but you're not a duck?

Turkey: What do you mean? I joined the coalition last week.

Duck: What coalition? We don't have a coalition!

Platypus: I started the coalition last week. We have a flag and everything?

Duck: What's this coalition about?

Platypus: It's an alliance of distinct animal factions that wish to participate in the benefits of being a duck.

Duck: What benefits?

Turkey: The benefit of not being eaten on Thanksgiving, for one.

Duck: That's not a..., ducks get eaten too, you know? Have you ever heard of Peking Duck?

Platypus: You know what your problem is? You have duck privilege.

Duck: What?

Chicken: Hey, guys...

Duck: Wait..., don't tell me..., you're a duck too...

Chicken: Damn, right. Costco's been rotisserieing chickens like crazy.

Duck: I take it you joined the coalition...

Chicken: Yeah, just last week. How did you know?

Duck: Just a wild guess.

Chicken: We have an acronym, a flag and everything?

Duck: Acronym?

Chicken: Yeah, PTC. And we add a letter every time a new group joins.

Duck: That doesn't... What does your flag look like?

Platypus: It's a big, black, plus sign on a white field.

Turkey: Yeah, the background is white.

Duck: That's it?

Chicken: Yup.

Duck: No colors? There's a rainbow of colors you could have picked from.

Chicken: They were already taken. Besides, we like our flag and the coalition is great!

Duck: What's so great about it?

Chicken: Well..., our flag is a big plus...

Duck: That's not..., look..., platypus..., you can't be a duck. You don't have any feathers.

Platypus: Scientists and doctors have figured that out. All it takes is a little operation.

Duck: But you don't have any wings!!!

Platypus: Scientists and doctors....

Duck: But you won't be able to fly!

Platypus: So? There are ducks that are not able to fly due to injury or deformity and they are still considered ducks.

Duck: Well..., Yeah, but... genetics...

Platypus: WE ARE DUCKS!!!

Turkey: Yeah! End of discussion.

Chicken: You should be quiet. You don't want to get cancelled, do you?

Duck: What? You can't...

Platypus: Watch us. Come on guys, let's get the flock out of here.

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A platypus swims up to a flock of waddling ducks...

Hello joe:

ONE of the things I admired most about conservatives was their view "to live and let live".. But, that disappeared when gay and trans people wanted to "live and let live"..

If I wanted to "identify" as a chicken, who's fucking business is that???

Now, don't go all wonky on me. Because I identify as a chicken, does NOT mean that you should too.. In other words, my identifying as a chicken does NOT require anything of you, except to mind your own business.. I certainly don't wanna KNOW what you identify as in your bedroom


hmmmm. What exactly have conservatives done to change their view of "live and let live?"

I hope that question doesn't constitute me going all wonky on you ;)

excon(15767) Disputed
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What exactly have conservatives done to change their view of "live and let live?"

I hope that question doesn't constitute me going all wonky on you ;)

Hello joe:

Uhh yes you did, joe. All wonky, indeed..

If "live and let live" were still the watchword of the Republican party, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.. Look no further than yourself. It's YOU, a right winger, who's NOT letting trans people "live" in this context, but making fun of them..

If we were still in the "live and let live" world, you wouldn't be doing that.. As opposed as you might be to trans people, like your watchword says, you'd "live" with it. "Living with it" is FREEDOM exemplified. It USED to be your position.. It's what I admired about you.. Not any more..