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 Abandon all hope those who enter here to argue. (49)

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Abandon all hope those who enter here to argue.

I don't know why anyone would like to debate me.

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Darkness rise

Howl of the wolf

The dank surprise

Her hand drifts through

Midnight waters, sing,

Imperfect, torn shapes

Of slime ridden debris

From the living, the beautiful

The imperfect, the mortal

Rend her fair skin

And maybe in this laughing lake

There are tears

Darkness rise

Song of the light

Her shining eyes

Like Shallot, cry,

She lets her boat drift on

And stares with that

Beautiful empty stare

At the moon and her daughters

Her eyes flicked shut

Over quick blue diamonds

And she danced with the stars

In her isolated mind

Darkness rise

Keen of the weak

Those everlasting cries

Her dark, curled hair

Brings out miniscule lines

Of red order, crossing her face

Her wealthy, pristine pallor

To match her lotus dress

Which fell around her thin body

In a chaotic, yet alluring way

Yet in her mind

She danced in black

Darkness rise

Silence of the wise

Millennia dead ring the wooden sides, bay,

Of her floating stronghold

Gracelessly, she descends

Perfect armies lay waste to silk

Of her torn dress

And the mirror rises to allow

Besieged yet beautiful, silent yet screaming

The rushed imprints slurred in the sand

Trace her infernal race

To rest in his arms

Elvira(3446) Clarified
1 point

And you cannot argue with that.

Don't worry..., I won't ;)

Is this where I come for an argument?

I've told you once. ;)

No, you haven't.

1 point

How many times have you played this one Joe? LOL Déjà vu

Second go around. ;)

1 point

At least.