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Abortion is meant to give people a 2nd chance when the pull-out method fails


You know, like when you're a hormy teen and you think you know it all (pull-out method works) and you're destined for college and a great career (I'm so great I can pull-out at the last minute.  I've been practicing.  Watch!) and then your hormones throw you a curve ball (OK, let's give it a shot.  No pun intended.) and you end up pregnant (You [insert explitive here].  This wasn't meant to happen!) and the you come up with yet another great idea (I know..., let's get an abortion!) and the fetus is like (Wait..., what?  No!  What about meeee?!?!?!) and the parents are like, "Screw you you clump of cells!".


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Wait..., what? No!

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Interesting, I recently met a 14 year old teenager. Out of the blue, he was texting his girlfriend, and then he blurted out, 'HOLY SHIT! My girlfriend is pregnant! What the fuck am I going to do?' As if he didn't know any solution to this problem.

I had no trouble saying, 'Er... just get an abortion. Don't ruin your life... unless you're Catholic of course. In which case, don't complain, Mr.'

I was a little disturbed by his age and stupidity, but those facts alone will never momentarily make me a hypocrite by suddenly changing my opinions over abortion. Fetuses are clumps of inhuman cells up until a certain point and that's that! ;)

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Hmmm, I wonder. Are "fetuses clumps of inhuman cells up until a certain point" or do we tell ourselves that in order to feel better about taking the easy way out?

Disclaimer: I've chosen abortion before myself. So..., I'm not taking the high ground here. I'm just having second thoughts as to whether or not I made the right choice.

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I can understand the hidden difficulty of the decision. I'm sure there is always a chance that if I had to choose such an action as abortion myself, between me and my spouse, then my view might change a little on abortion. Maybe it wouldn't. The problem is that I can't have belief for most things... I have to be able to prove something to myself and my senses. Since I cannot prove a fetus is a human being starting with conception, I find myself unable to see it up until a certain point as nothing but a slab of meat, like Spam, or a severed arm.

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I have no problem with the ending of potential human life, every male who has ever masturbated has ended millions of potential human lives. The ending of actual human life is a little harder to justify.

I suppose the transformation from potential human life into actual human life occurs somewhere between the stages of Zygote, Fetus, and Baby. Exactly when this occurs I cannot say. I will say that in Life there are a lot of moral gray areas, and abortion is one of the biggest moral gray areas that one may encounter. One should not take such a decision light-heartedly.

If a person is to have an abortion they should have it as early in the pregnancy as possible, before the development of the nervous system. I don't think abortion should be a form of birth control, but we also shouldn't take the option completely off the table.

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I agree entirely. I was posting in the other abortion debate with links to the scientific studies. The earliest a fetus can feel pain is the beginning of the second trimester. So this leads to believe that aborting before then would be a more humane choice. However there are so many circumstances to factor in like not being able to detect certain disabilities until some time into the second trimester.

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Abortion is mainly for horny, selfish people who abhor taking responsibility for anything and are too immature to control their urges. Oh sure, you'll hear all kinds of arguments about abortion being needed because of the "High Probability" of rape leading to pregnancy and the "High Probability" of getting raped when compared to the "Low Probability" of horny teens who get pregnant because they are too immature to control their urges and take responsibility for their selfish actions.

Oh wait..., in the heat of the moment I almost forgot my signature smiley ;)

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catticus90(360) Disputed
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The most common age for abortion is apparently 20-24 followed by 30+ followed by 15-19. facts/women_who.html

So it's probably actually horny people of all ages being selfish and not using contraception, mostly woman in their 20's! I do sympathize with genuine accidents, I got pregnant on my 3rd year of using the contraceptive pill. Although I didn't abort, I have a daughter.

Anyway I disputed because using the pull-out method is idiotic. Abortion shouldn't be considered a 2nd chance to your failings at being responsible. And it definitely shouldn't be a form of contraception. It should be considered as an option under varying circumstances and usually as a final option. I'm not anti-abortion, I'm not pro-abortion. I have variances on opinion that would sit me somewhere around neutral.

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I up voted you because I think we agree more than we disagree.

I stand corrected on the age thing.

Congrats on your daughter. I have 2.

I am not saying that the pull-out method should be use as a form of contraception.

I am not saying that abortion should be used as a 2nd chance.

I am saying that abortion is used as a 2nd chance more than it is used as an option under varying circumstances. I guess I could have made this part a little more clear.

I am saying that abortion does not seem to be considered the final option. If it was considered as the final option then there would be more babies up for adoption.

Oh, and I am not saying that we should make abortion illegal.

I am saying that people should think twice before getting down hot and heavy and should also take responsibility for their actions when they do not think before acting.

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If the pull out method fails, and abortion is the only choice, then there was some bad decisions made before the choice of abortion.

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That's what I'm saying ;)

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Um, I NEVER believed that method would work and I had all the protection in the world that I could get a hold of.

Abortion, for me, is meant for only if all else fails, aka birth control/condoms. I'm very careful.

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Well...., the only way to win is to not play..., but where's the fun in that ;)

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