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Waterboard him! Let the poor guy go.
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 Waterboard him! (2)
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Alleged terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed calls President Barack Obama a liar.

So what should we do about this little Shiite?  Despite Reports, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Was Not Waterboarded 183 Times.

I say we finish waterboarding him 183 times.  Who the hell does he think he is calling our president a liar.  That priviledge is reserved for U.S.  ;)

Waterboard him!

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Let the poor guy go.

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This guy is just asking to get waterboarded. I say we do it; lets give him what he wants ;)

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He's here as our guest and he doesn't use politically correct terms.

"We spent three years moving around the black sites in the 'dark ages' of Bush, then we were transferred to the island of oppression, torture and terror, Guantanamo," they write. "Then, the lying Barack, the new American president was elected, and we entered the black ages of Barack."

In one of the other motions, Mohammed submitted a handwritten note in English calling Obama a lying megalomaniac who is the "negative photographic image of Bush."

He just keep making reference to Obama being black. He's dissing tha man! I hope Obama says, "OK, you know what..., we're not sorry. Send him back to Cuba for a pitcher of water." wink, wink ;)

Side: Waterboard him!
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Well, don't let him go. But waterboarding is illegal, immoral, and doesn't work anyway, so we shouldn't do that anymore.

At any rate, that article is a bit off.

Each time the water is poured, that is waterboarding... like, if you sit a guy down and pull out all of his fingernails without him getting up,

you still pulled out 10 fingernails, it's not like it only counts as one just because he didn't get up in between.

Typical FAUX silliness, 'cept this time not quite sure what the point is other than the chance to put "President" and "Liar" in the same sentence.

Side: Trial and execution